Learning Disabilities/ADHD Awareness Month

October is Learning Disabilities/ADHD Awareness Month. The Goal of Learning Disabilities Awareness Month is highlighting the strengths that each student has, creating a great amount of potential. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We encourage all parents to nurture their child’s unique skills and talents. Although the symptoms associated with the following disorders are often connected to the child’s education, especially in terms of math➗, writing 📝, reading📖, and one’s ability to focus, children impacted by learning disabilities and ADHD also possess unique strengths and in turn, immense potential. 📈
It is important to celebrate the accomplishments of these children while increasing awareness. The symptoms of ADHD by age group are as follows:

1) Preschool through 2nd grade-Has trouble getting started and needs to stop and listen. 👂🏻

2) Grades 3 through 7-Rushes through homework assignments and produces sub-par work.📄

3) Teens-Has a hard time remembering assignments and often forgets to write them down.✍️

Take an Outdoor Break!

Going outside and having some outdoor play it is important after being inside learning virtually. As students are not going to school, they are staying inside for most of the day so it is good to spend some time outside in order to keep engaged. ⛹️‍♂️⚽️🥅
Creating a family mission statement will also help with virtual learning as it will keep parents and students focused on the class goals. It helps to prioritize each task throughout the virtual learning process. 📝🗓
To create this statement, you should begin with questions about the practices that are important to your family, what your family wants to do more of and what you don’t like at all. ❓🙋‍♂️

Online Learning Tips

If you have decided to continue with online learning, follow these tips to make this semester virtually better than the last semester 💻.
You can start with organization and creating a designated space for everything you need during your online classes 🏠.
This creates a sense of empowerment when you have an individual workspace that is free of clutter and distractions. Another way to keep organized is by creating a schedule so you can keep track which classes you have, what assignments you need to do and what tests you need to study for 📚📄.
Check back on Wednesday for more important tips for online learning.

Tutoring Over the Summer is Awesome!

Summer tutoring is a great way to get a head start on the next school year. Walking into school on the first day with confidence is priceless and a great start to the road of success! We made a short video about this.

Back To School Tips For Parents

​With September approaching, it’s time for both parents and children to start preparing for the upcoming school year. Here are our tips for you and your child to start the school year off right!

1. Set goals and expectations. 
You have them as a parent, and your child should have them as a student. A discussion with your child about what’s important to them will help both of you determine how to approach the new school year. It will also help to identify areas of potential problems and work on preventing or mitigating them before they become major issues. Was there a subject your child struggled with last year, and how can you help him or her with it this year? Perhaps the two of you can decide to set up a study routine, weekly homework check-ins, or some tutoring classes.

2. Focus on the long-term.
Getting a good education is about more than just academics. What are your child’s aspirations for him- or herself? Set up a good foundation for a well-rounded educational journey by looking into extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and other opportunities. This will allow your child to explore his or her interests, get involved in the community and help them later on when they are looking into post-secondary programs. Inspiration’s educational planning packages can help you out if you don’t know where to start.

3. Establish a good routine. 
A solid routine with certain tasks done at particular times of the day will help your child stay organized with confidence. Begin each day on the right foot by providing them a nutritious breakfast and ample time to get ready for school. A good evening routine that includes set times for homework will help them stay on top of school work. Children also need the right amount of sleep in order to be alert and ready to learn all day, so an appropriate curfew will ensure they are well-rested.

4. Meet the teachers. 
Establishing a good relationship with your child’s teachers will help you stay informed about your child’s progress. Teachers often have email addresses which can be used to check in with them throughout the school year, and identify issues long before report cards come out. Is English not your first language? No problem! Inspiration offers translation and interpretation services for parents who need a bit of help communicating with teachers. Contact us to find out more.

5. Get a calendar. 
Write down all the important dates, deadlines, and events throughout the school year so that you can be well prepared ahead of time for things like parent-teacher interviews, talent shows, university fairs, application deadlines, and more. Put your calendar somewhere where both you and your child can easily see it everyday. This way, your child will be encouraged to not only stay organized but to manage his or her own responsibilities and develop more independence.

Challenge Math: The Asian Math Methodology

Asian mathematics have a high reputation, with Asian students consistently coming out on top in international surveys of math education. Inspiration Learning Center’s new Challenge Math program for grades K-8 uses Asian math teaching methods to help your child reach math excellence.

Why are Asians so good at math?

Asian teaching methods emphasize conceptual and procedural knowledge, meaning math concepts are taught in a very clear and logical manner. The learning process involves repeated practice of core concepts, so that students build a strong foundation for further learning. Students are taught to see math as logical relationships between numbers, rather than simply memorizing steps and formulas, thus learning it in a more meaningful way. Teachers don’t move on to more difficult topics until the previous one has been mastered.

In addition, there is the Confucian belief in Asian culture that doing well at something is a matter of practice and effort. Ask an Asian parent and they will likely tell you that a child not doing well in math is due to lack of practice, not an inherent lack of ability. This is very different from the Western notion that some kids just aren’t good at math.

Due to this, repetition and practice are a big part of Asian teaching methods. It is thought that repeated exposure and effort in math concepts through things like daily homework and frequent tests, students become more proficient at problem-solving, critical thinking, and develop an overall stronger understanding of numerical relationships.

Challenge Math: Bringing Asian math to the west

Inspiration’s Challenge Math program adopts the Asian teaching method with a  three-step learning process: concrete, pictorial, and abstract. Students first use small objects such as dice or paperclips to model math concepts in a hands-on way, before moving on to using pictorial representations. Finally, students solve math problems in an abstract way using numbers and symbols. This three-step process is highly logical and sequential, with an emphasis on mental math. The goal is for students to develop a deep understanding of the logical and numerical relationships in mathematics. Students understand not just how something works, but why.

Students also learn fewer concepts but in far more depth. The topics are practiced and reviewed with a variety of word problems and real-life applications, which build critical thinking skills and allow students to get in the necessary amount of practice.. This way, students master each concept before going onto the next, and ensures that there is no need for re-learning the skills after advancing to the next grade.

You might recognize this method from Singapore math, which has gained popularity on the international stage. Actually, Singapore math is taught the same way as mathematics in other East Asian countries, but it is better known simply because Singaporeans use the English language. It is due to Singapore math’s distinguished record and English-language content that Inspiration Learning Center chooses to use their materials in our program.

Is Challenge Math right for your child?

Our Challenge Math program is designed for students in grades K-8 who already have a good math foundation, want to challenge themselves, or want to improve their math grades from B’s to A’s. This program is also perfect for students who enjoy doing math and want to explore the subject as a possible field of study in higher education.

Check your child’s report card. The Ontario elementary and middle school report card splits mathematics into 5 categories: Number Sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Patterning and Algebra, and Data Management and Probability. If your child has B+ or higher in at least 3 of the 5 areas, they are at the right level for Challenge Math.

Enrolment has already begun!

We are now accepting students for the Challenge Math program, beginning in mid-September. Challenge Math is offered for grades K-8, with two 12-week programs at each grade level. Tuition is $400 per 12 weeks, covering 12 classes. Contact your local Inspiration Learning Center or email us at info@inspirationteaching.com for more information.

Inspiration’s Guide To Summer Reading

Have your child stay sharp in the summer! Reading throughout the summer is a great way for children to keep their minds active and ensure that there is no dreaded “summer slide” by the time September comes back around.

Numerous studies have shown that children who don’t read over the summer experience learning loss, in particular, their reading abilities may stagnate or even decline. As students get older and advance in the school system, this effect becomes more noticeable. Meanwhile, the benefits of reading throughout the summer can be seen all year round!

Here’s what you can do as a parent to encourage your child to develop a love of reading:

1. Allow them to choose. Children do not get to pick their reading material during the school year, so allowing them to choose which books to read outside of school will encourage them to read for pleasure. Your local library will also have recommendation lists for age-appropriate reading.

2. Give them incentives. Offer something you know they like and want, provided they complete 30 minutes of reading. Many public libraries also give rewards and prizes for participating in a summer reading program.

3. Make it a social activity. Many children become interested in a book because their friends are reading it. Libraries and community centres have age-specific book clubs that your child can join, or you can encourage your child to start his or her own reading group with friends. The online community also has plenty to offer; children can get on Instagram or Youtube, where there’s a thriving kids and teen book community that encourages discussion on books of all genres.

4. Read with them. Many children’s and teen novels have universal themes that people of all ages can relate to. Read a book with your child and you can discuss the latest chapter over dinner!

5. Connect books with real life. Did your child read a book about undersea adventures? This is a perfect time to take them on a trip to the local aquarium! This helps to place their reading choices in a broader context and see reading as a way of learning about the world.

If your child wants a more in-depth reading program, Inspiration is offering a Novel Study program this summer as part of our Summer Camp. Reading is also a big part of our English tutoring program, which continues all year round. Contact us for more information.

Guidelines On How To Find The Best Math Tutor

Mathematics is thought to be the most problematic issue even today. Does the term itself threatening? Do you have nasty nightmares before math test? More often than not the guardian and not the guy who is struck and harassed about managing the ‘jigsaw puzzle of school arithmetic’. Being a tutor understand a decent math coach is a requirement for each youth. Lessons in the classroom by teachers and then on are simply too lacking to help them take care of different math problems. Learning online can be the right answer to this.

Great online E-Tutorial

It is essential to find a decent and genuine site giving online math exercises. Web crawler like Google or MSN can help you discover online courses, also the best mentors in mathematics on the web.

Read good reviews

However, one should not get misinformed or amazed by the audits. Weigh the site completely in person and after that choose if that is right for your child. On the off chance that you find what you are looking for on the site, then just get the classical selected.

Personally Watch Breakout Sessions

Math coach online is better in a way that usually can look at what and how the teacher is matched with your tyke amid intuitive sessions. As for mathematics exercise session is far more than any other control vitality. A decent math coach must understand the needs of the alternate and shall also check the emission regions of scientists tyke.

Slate and tablet pen

Mode matching is critical. Large sites use slates rich features that are good for pen tablets Mathematics or mathematical statements. This makes the job much easier for the instructor and the associate deputy. One should not pick a site that is difficult to work.

Tweak Study Sessions and Get the Last Minute Help

Web tutoring gives favorable to modify the calendar item, sessions. The classic may just have a little heat from the previous time any math test helps the educator remains constantly accessible.

Individual counseling

Check the online math teacher is adequate to take administered individually to the scientific needs of the alternates. Learning Styles of each alternate is diverse. Subsequently Mathematics decent guide to understanding and managing in an unexpected way.

Poll Sessions

The teacher should ask verbally or in the composition plan Math is directed to develop a love of alternate between study sessions. After a couple of sessions a decent guide math adjust and understand trends in the study of alternate and can be trained as necessary.

Homework Help

A decent guide should help online Math reliably the alternate math homework. However, in doing so, the mentor should not make too poor substitute. Some tasks of the guide according to the level of deputy can make the simple adaptation to alternate.

Choose appropriate math tutor according to your child’s grade

The most problematic job is to choose an appropriate mathematical guide according to the evaluation of your child. A thorough investigation of the excercise and great places online audits can be useful.

Mathematics Assessment

They consistently doing math worksheets or sitting for the online math assessments are a decent practice. The instructor must ensure that the substitute is routinely and not lose that investment.

Having a math coach online is a great choice. Subjects like math requires special consideration given separately for each alternate. Thus classroom displays missed the mark in relation to which the alternate is looking. Here comes the requisite math tutoring online.

Check what type of correspondence so chose your coach is using. Sites rumored slate used to care for math questions. These substitutes helps to familiarize yourself with the very idea of taking care of complex issues in a simple and pleasant way. Also, no replacements can guide much of a stretch to cooperate and help to order promptly alternates to clear his / her questions. Never forget to gather no mathematical training site that you find difficult to work.

• Do beyond any doubt, check the office for study sessions and other learning lessons gave guides math anywhere. Try to choose the best free online math coaches that you think would give lessons in math learning and help you in successfully completing math homework and assignments within short time.

• You can hunt on the web for math mentor. Make a point of seeing their math guides line ups have adequate capacity and participation in mathematics instruction to alternate online. You can decide on the best courses online math or math coach focused around their needs. Remember that you will hire math coach online for what a guide should have enough information and math skills.

• Mathematics can never learn without the successful practice. His coach chose to give standard math problems to alternate with the aim that you get more enthusiasm towards the care of the distinguishing features of mathematics.

What’s The Best Way To Learn French?

So what is the most ideal method to learn French? I can accept that a lot of you will not have the ability to get and move to France or Belgium for a total immersion experience (which is certainly the most ideal). Here are some reliable routines for learning French options for you to look over:For real progress, you really need to take after their own special way. Your calendar and identity over time to achieve the most ideal method for you to learn French. Everything comes down to training and devotion.

Hire a private tutor:

Geniuses: In addition to drenching added in a French-speaking nation employing a private mentor (who is a local French speaker) is probably the most ideal method to learn French together. Consideration of one-on-one is precious in light of the fact that the coach will work with you from the level where you are, and help you learn new material at the rate at which you have the ability to learn. In a perfect world, with a private mentor, one can listen to a local French speaker to maintain the structure of words and phrases. Your mentor will give adequate individualized consideration by amending and sharpen their articulation, syntax and vocabulary.

Cons: Tutors are mostly exceptionally extravagant party, so this may not be an option if you are on a tight plan.

Needing a French class:

Masters: In a French class, which has the benefit of an instructor speaking French (which undoubtedly is a local speaker). You likewise have the opportunity to hear both speak French and spoke French with a high volume yourself, one of the most convenient methods to perform any dialect is to practice with others and participate in discussions in French. Being encompassed different alternates who are learning French can truly help inspire and empower you, too.

Cons: Taking a class is also extremely luxurious, depending on what type of project it is and where it is. Also, being in a class, you end up learning French at a nice pace with all the different alternates, so it’s not nearly as effective as private tutoring.

Geniuses: Most of the people who need to find a way to speak French participate in some form of study for oneself, and for good reason: This is the smartest approach to do so. There is a great mix of alternatives accessible to you, such programming learning French, podcasts, books, cards glimmer, audio CDs are also several sites that offer lessons. Especially in this age of the web, you will never be short of studio props.

Cons: Obviously you want to self persuasion amazing considering the ultimate goal of learning French quickly and appropriately through study towards oneself. You have to set your own special time, be consistent, and make an effort not to get frustrated … self study is not for everyone. Also, you miss out on having the ability to share, when all is said and done when the French debates and thinking to yourself, regardless of the reasoning in the feet that really helps drive home dialect adaptation.

Regardless of the strategy decides to start learning French remember accompanying advice to ensure that they fully take in the dialect:

Basic Start: do not step to the dark confusing syntax and vocabulary. It is a formula for disaster and disappointment! Learn words and regular expressions immediately to keep your inspiration up. If you ever feel overpowered or lost, remember their steps and make a reversion to the simple lessons until you have truly retained the essential material.

Try to speak French but as much as could be expected. Most people who are taking part neglect dialect speaking. They too are busy with listening to audio tapes and trying to remember the words they do not understand the meaning of the words actually seeking for all to hear, to get an idea of how it all sounds.

Get seated listening and reading, as well as the composition of French. Writing in an alternative dialect laying over bumps incorrect spelling, and firmly support data maintenance.

Remember, no reason to remember the expressions and words like a parrot if you can not see how to actually use in a real environment. Try and focus on listening and comprehension skills, reliably and think about what you learn is an adjustment. Learn French assembly involves the consolidation of new words and verb conjugations to structure complete sentences.

Strive to maintain always enthralled with the dialect as it can potentially! Adopting a multi-technique approach which its principle course of study is completed with additional elements such as podcasts, French radio, or even French films. You have to understand that you will not get much of any class period or French study an hour if you put French completely out of his mind for the rest of the day. Help make it stick!

Note again that no matter what game plan you choose, you should really commit to learning methodology. Perseverance and repetition are key to fully retain the dialect. Do not dismiss your overall goals when they fail or falter, but rather to consider the obstacles and circumstances of accomplishment!

It will be trying to figure out how to speak French, but its addition will be extremely rewarding! To assess the most ideal method to learn French for you, stick to your guns, and revel in the ride! In several months, you can be well on your approach to speaking French with certainty.