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Why families choose Inspiration Learning Center?
We are proudly mandated by the ministry of education to offer full high school credit courses. From learning disability to gifted, elementary to Harvard, Inspiration has every expert for every question.

West Meets East Tutoring

The combination of Western (i.e. developing skills and critical thinking) and Eastern (i.e. cognitive application) approaches enable us to strengthen and enhance the individual learning styles of the student.


Imagine acing that math contest while also excelling at public speaking and debate. Our methodology is unique and unparelled, blending the two most successful education traditions together.

Individualized Learning Plan

We foster a student-centered environment and develop a customized plan that is structured to address the unique academic knowledge, skills, and developmental needs of the student.

In simple terms, we administer a battery of academic tests, ascertaining your child’s exact level and needs. Leveraging our experts and resources, we set them on a customized path to success.

Expert Tutors

Inspiration tutors are experts in their fields, offering a combination of academic and “real-world” application. Our educational consultants match students based on personality, academic profile, and experience.

Our educators come from a whole spectrum of situations, from current Harvard students to retired public school teachers. We will find the perfect match for your child, setting them off towards success!

In your child’s corner, from elementary to the IVY Leagues.
Whether you’re looking to catch-up, keep up, or get ahead in schoolwork, Inspiration offers tutoring and homework help in a variety of subjects:
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Advanced Functions
  • French
  • Reading
  • Chemistry
  • Calculus
  • English
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Literacy Test Prep
  • EQAO Prep
  • SSAT / SAT Prep
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About Inspiration Learning Center
First founded in Toronto in 2003, Inspiration Learning Center has since expanded to 13 learning centers across Canada and beyond. We are proud to announce our newest center in Stouffville, Ontario!
Our learning centers offer professional tutoring services from highly skilled and dedicated teachers who have many years of experience in their fields. We believe that every student can achieve their full academic potential and-develop a love of learning-when presented with the proper educational and emotional support. This dedication (to the development of young minds) is what we constantly strive to promote! Your student’s success is the reason we are here.
The Inspiration Approach
Our learning centers offer professional tutoring services from highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers. We believe that every student can achieve their full potential and develop a love for learning with proper educational and emotional support. We are dedicated to the development of young minds using student-centered teaching methods.

Free Assessment

Your child’s journey at Inspiration starts with a free assessment where both Inspiration education consultant and student are able to determine current academic skills and areas that may need strengthening, based on the assessment and analysis of the child’s most recent report card.


Individualized Learning Plan

Based on your child’s initial assessment, we then develop an individualized learning plan. We match your child with an appropriate tutor and use the information from your child’s current strengths and weaknesses assessment to plan the next steps in addressing these areas. Homework support and learning ahead interests are also blended into this plan.


Teaching Quality Control

The student’s learning is monitored consistently to guarantee the progress towards improvement and their academic goals. Tutors provide with a student learning progress report on a scheduled basis (daily and monthly) and adjust the initial learning plan if required. We can also communicate with the student’s homeschool teachers if needed.


Results That Matter

The school’s report card is the key measurement to determine a student’s academic success. At Inspiration, we strive to ensure that your child sees improvements on both their marks and learning skills criteria on their report cards. Students are motivated to continue learning and working hard when they witness the improvements in their marks.

The Inspiration DIfference
  • Expert teachers that know what it takes to get your children where they need to go.
  • Unmatched educational consultants that know what it takes to get into the most prestigious school.
  • Emergency exam preparation allows students to rank at the top.
  • Essay workshops (mechanics, vocabulary, research) that are both inspiring and bring assignments to the appropriate grade level.
  • Learning based on the student’s needs, personality, barriers, and interests.
  • Learning community that encourages strong friendships, building networks and opportunities.
  • Many of our students (or alumni) are either going, attending, or graduated from an Ivy League school.
  • Strong relationships with industry, university admissions, and Ivy League affiliates.
  • Able to bring immigrant students “up to speed” on culture and language, allowing successful entry into the higher echelons of Western society.
  • Many tutors work in industry, building bridges between students and mentors.
  • Strong development of self esteem, respecting the old world while building the new.
  • Interdisciplinary approach where subjects are connected (and understood) within the broader context.
  • Unmatched support, every step of the way!
Marissa YU
Marissa YU
Samjohn Cui
Samjohn Cui
我两个孩子在启发学习,学管老师非常负责任先资詢孩子成绩与看学校report card才选定老师,不管是一对一学习的老师或小组教学的老师也十分认真,孩子现在学习也态度改变了不少了,确实是离不开学管与授课老师的认真态度令孩子们也爱上了学习。 而且我最满意的是通过学管老师与家长的沟通我了解到孩子的作业与上课态度,让我与老师可以一起帮助孩子提高学习成绩与态度才是最重要的!十分感谢!
Casey Hsu
Casey Hsu
Very efficient and professional consultation service!!
JunJia Wu
JunJia Wu
I took EILTS preparing course at Inspiration Learning Center in order to apply for University, and I got a score of 6.5 overall which passed the admissions requirement. They offer a good quality education experience, and furthermore many useful techniques to get a promising result. I definitely will recommend my classmate to take their courses if they need extra learning experience.
Qi Zhang
Qi Zhang
Excellent in person service from Mrs Kuang. She has been really helpful. We are inspired by her personal experience. Kids really enjoy the classes. Highly recommend.
Annie Wong
Annie Wong
Amazing tutoring academy. I have been to so many, but this one is the absolute best. Friendly staff and great teachers. It’s a really fun environment, and they don’t inundate you with homework like some other places do - they give just the right amount. They also publish and sell their own books which is a really unique thing as well. Again, really great service and fantastic tutoring franchise. I highly recommend.
Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang
The school spirit is correct, the teachers are of high quality and the teaching quality is particularly high. Highly recommend to everyone。
Zhuomin Liu
Zhuomin Liu
The educational counselling staff at Inspiration Learning Center was very beneficial for me while I was applying to universities. The customized consultation service was very useful as not only did they recommend universities but also assisted me in the application process. Thanks to Inspiration Learning Center I will be having a successful upcoming university journey.
Yi Nuo Li
Yi Nuo Li
I recently signed up for the customized consultation packages for university applications at Inspiration Learning Center. The guidance team at this facility was extremely helpful and I recommend this service for all graduating high school students who require the assistance when applying to universities. I am looking forward to my next educational chapter thanks to Inspiration Learning Center.