Why Inspiration?
At Inspiration Learning Center, we believe :

1. People are curious by nature and kids, especially, want to learn!

It’s just a matter of finding the right way to engage the learner. In our relaxing and non-competitive study environment, at Inspiration Learning Center we encourage students to actively participate in the learning process by asking questions like “why” or “how”.

2. Every student is different.

At Inspiration Learning Center, we believe there are many different ways to teach a subject. This is because different students respond to different teaching styles. Our tutors use a variety of methods to approach their job, such as using games or multimedia, based on what the student responds to best. Our repertoire of teaching methods continually expands as we continue our journey.

3. Learning is about more than just academics.

During the tutoring process, the student will also develop important life skills in time-management, organization, and responsibility, as well as respect, perseverance, and confidence. Our selectively chosen tutors are warm and caring professionals who also act as mentors and role models for their students.

4. Effective learning requires a collaboration between the student, the teacher and parents.

Parents play an important role in a child’s education, and that is why we include parents every step of the way. Our highly knowledgeable staff provides information regarding the school system, career planning, children’s mental and emotional well-being and more. Not only are children being educated at Inspiration Learning, but parents can also learn how to better support their children at home.

Kindergarten to Grade12

Grades Offered to Students from kindergarten to University
Our Method
We believe that world-class curriculum, west meets east tutoring methodology and programming coupled with qualified, caring teachers lead to success, both inside and outside the classroom.

1. We do a Free assessment prior to the start of tutoring sessions.

This will help us determine where your child is at on their educational journey so we can decide the right course of action for his or her academic improvement. Your child’s most recent report card is also viewed during the assessment for a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Every student gets an individualized learning plan.

The results of the assessment will be used to place your child with an appropriate tutor who will create an individualized learning plan based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The individualized learning plan is generated through our Inspiration assessment along with the students most recent home school report card.

3. We combine Western and Eastern teaching methods to ensure your child gets the best of both educational styles.

Western education  emphasizes the development of creativity and critical thinking skills, the communication of ideas and concepts, and the use of interdisciplinary methods to understand the subject from different angles. At Inspiration Learning Center, we teach using both education methods so students can benefit from the advantages of these two styles.

Eastern education tends to focus on regular practice, memorization, and frequent review of the fundamentals to ensure that the student has a solid foundation to build upon and to retain the knowledge learned.

4. Regular progress reports keep you updated on your child’s improvement which differentiates us from other learning centers.

Our tutors and staff members keep a close eye on how each student is doing so that we can ensure your child is getting the highest quality of tutoring that caters to them.

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