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Math Tutoring Programs:

Welcome to the Math Program at Inspiration—a place where the world of numbers comes alive! At the core of our educational philosophy lies a dedication to cultivating a profound and meaningful comprehension of mathematics. Whether your child is embarking on their mathematical journey or seeking advanced challenges, our Math Program is meticulously crafted to ignite curiosity, foster critical thinking, and establish a robust foundation for mathematical triumph.

Under the guidance of our team of seasoned and enthusiastic educators, our program transcends traditional textbooks, immersing students in interactive and dynamic learning experiences. Spanning from fundamental concepts to advanced problem-solving skills, our approach is tailored to meet the diverse needs of each learner. Join us on a captivating mathematical voyage where students not only grasp mathematical principles but also uncover the inherent joy and creativity in the realm of numbers.

We offer an array of programs suitable for students at all levels. You can enroll in our Math Contest Program to prepare for prestigious competitions such as the Waterloo Contest, AMC, Kangaroo, Caribou, or Math League. Alternatively, our I Elite Program is designed for SAT, AP, or IB preparation. Dive into our Singapore Math Program for a comprehensive approach to mastering math concepts or explore Nelson Math or Jump Math for fundamental assistance. Whatever your learning objective, we have tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Upon embarking on your learning journey with Inspiration, we typically assign a dedicated full-time consultant who oversees scheduling and ensures teaching quality throughout your experience. Before commencing the program officially, we gather your most recent report cards to gain insights into your personality, learning skills, style, and current proficiency level. Subsequently, we conduct a written assessment to diagnose strengths and areas for improvement. Once assessed, we match your schedule with a suitable tutor, launching your educational journey with us.

At Inspiration, we’re committed to accommodating your educational aspirations. Join us and unlock the world of mathematical possibilities where learning transcends boundaries and embraces the joy of mathematical discovery.

Daniel's Mom

Inspiration Learning CenterMy son has been receiving remedial math tutoring for the past year and a half. His incredible tutors quickly assessed his needs, his strengths and weaknesses and put and individualized plan in place for him. His tutors have worked with him to fill in the gaps and to consolidate basic concepts so he could quickly move on to more complex math. He has moved up three grade levels in the past year! My son has dyslexia and the individual attention and consideration of his learning style has been the greatest investment we have made toward his education!

Tammy Mandarelli-Parent of Grade 5 and Grade 7 Student

Inspiration Learning Center“I chose Inspiration Learning Center for my children because I liked its philosophy and approach to education. I had researched other tutoring businesses including Kumon and other big names but didn’t like their philosophy.I saw huge improvements in my kids. My daughter Madelen, who is getting tutored in math, is a lot more confident. She now tries to do math on her own, and is able to focus on the problem until she gets it correct. For me, Inspiration Learning Center means consistency and being able to tailor my children’s tutoring program to work with the school curriculum.”

Eric Z-Grade 12

Inspiration Learning Center“When I arrived in Canada, I attended summer school at Inspiration learning Center and they helped me get ready for my new high school. Even though I am attending public school now, I continue to attend Inspiration Learning Center to take some high school credit courses. I enjoy coming here six times a week because my teachers give me some writing ideas, help me with my homework, and teach me how to revise and edit my work. My English and Math marks have improved a lot because of Inspiration Learning Center.”

Our Math tutoring programs include the following benefits:
  • The Inspiration math program is individualized for each student. We use standardized Canadian assessments with the student’s most recent report card to determine a student’s areas of strength and weakness. The learning plan in this program includes math foundation drills, homework help, plus the opportunity to learn ahead in preparation of higher grades.
  • With the Inspiration math program, students focus on the following strands: number sense, measurement, geometry & spatial sense, patterning & algebra, and data management & probability. We match our math program with your local curriculum to ensure these are the areas on your child’s report cards and in their classrooms. Our challenge math program is used to prepare students for math contests or IB entrance, SSATs, SATs, AP, and ACT examinations.
  • Our math tutoring staff consists of certified teachers that specialize in mathematics.
  • We can contact your child’s classroom teacher, if needed, to work with their school and sync with the teacher’s objectives, lessons, tests, and assignments.
  • Each student can choose either 1-1 or small group (4:1 student-to-teacher ratio) sessions.
  • Each student is assigned a full-time educational consultant. He or she will work with the parents and tutor to monitor the progress of the student. At request, Inspiration will work with your child’s classroom teacher to communicate about specific needs that the child may have in both school and tutoring setting.
  • Each student gets an assigned workbook in addition to printed teaching materials.
  • In addition to subject-specific tutoring, our tutors can work with your child do develop important skills such as time management, note- taking organization techniques, and helpful study tips.

As your child advances to higher grades, they may encounter more challenges in math. Falling behind in math can prevent them from reaching their full potential and limit their choices for higher education. As a parent, you may find it frustrating to support your child’s math education and prepare them for tests and quizzes. Our math tutoring program, developed by certified teachers, directly addresses these concerns.

We understand the challenges that students face and provide personalized support to help them overcome difficulties and excel in math. With our math tutoring program, your child can develop strong math skills and gain confidence in their abilities, preparing them for success both academically and in their future pursuits.

Inspiration Stories
Inspiration Stories

✔️Doris S, alumni of our French, Math, and English courses. First accepted into the IB program, and subsequently Cornell University (Ivy League). We celebrated her graduation with her!

✔️ Roger F – Improved from 82%-96& in math while maintaining a mid 90s average going into 12th grade in the fall.

✔️ Hanna L. – Grade 11 Math, 100% on many tests, school promoted her to Grade 12 Advanced Functions without taking Grade 11 Functions.

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