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Students are either taught individually (1-to-1) or in groups (4:1 ratio between student and teacher). In both methods, students receive individual explanation, attention, and homework assignments. Each student’s journey at Inspiration starts with an initial assessment evaluated alongside with their most recent school report card. The Inspiration education consultant and student are able to determine current academic strengths and weaknesses. From there, the student receives an individualized learning plan and paired with an appropriate tutor for their learning. Each student receives an assigned workbook, in addition to printed teaching materials.

Inspiration Learning Center offers 3 different avenues of learning; in center, in-home, and the new online learning platform. We currently have fifteen locations across Ontario and British Columbia. We are rapidly expanding across Canada.

Our tutors are certified teachers and university graduates in their respective fields, including math, English, French, computers, and science. All our tutors are fully trained by our Inspiration senior managers and have been certified with an assessment in their area of competency.

During the school year, we are open afternoons, evenings and weekends. During summer vacation, we are open from morning until evenings on weekdays and weekends. Please check individual locations for exact hours and schedules. In some circumstances, we can open early and stay late to accommodate individual students. Contact us about our flexible home and online tutoring hours.

The costs of a program varies depending on the needs of the student. We have a variety of programs and payment options designed to fit all budgets. Our programs are priced 10-30% lower than other comparative tutoring centres in the industry.

We recommend you bring your child in for a free assessment (valued at $150) so we can assess his or her strengths and weaknesses. This will help us create an individualized program to suit his or her situation.

Our philosophy differentiates from other learning centres and is based on the following 9 principles: 1) We use the West meets East tutoring method 2) Our full-time tutors are available to ensure consistency, stability, and longevity in the tutoring system 3) Every Inspiration student is assigned a full-time educational consultant to help them through their Inspiration education journey 4) We have our own specially designed workbooks and lesson packages 5) Our staff are all highly trained and qualified 6) We are an “all in one” education center and offer many services, beyond tutoring 7) We tutor to all ages and subjects 8) Our classes are small and individualized to improve student’s educational journey 9) We promote open communication between teachers, tutors, and parents, and offer many extra services to parents and students.

Tutoring Student at Desks
Tutoring Student at Bench

Each student is given the option to attend either 1-1 or small group (4:1 student-to-teacher ratio) sessions. In both class methods, students receive individual explanation, attention, and homework assignments.

If your child shares dissatisfaction with the program or class, let us know! At Inspiration, we ensure that your child is studying in an enriching, fun, and safe environment. In any case, we want to determine what the problem is, and how we can best address it.

At Inspiration, we offer monthly or three months payment programs. We don’t feel the need to lock down families into a long-term commitment, minimizing the likelihood program of cancellation. However, if you have any questions about your chosen program, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

For individual class cancellations, please notify us with minimum 24 hours in advance prior to your child’s scheduled class. We would like to reschedule any cancelled class as soon as possible to ensure the consistency and progress within the learning program.

At Inspiration, we are confident that your child will start to see improvements within 3 months of enrolling into an Inspiration program. We specifically say 3 months because this gives us enough time to assess their improvements based on the child’s homeschool report card. When it comes to a student’s progress from taking our classes, we believe in realistic, practical, and tangible results. The best assessment therefore is your child’s homeschool report card.

That being said, we believe that learning is a journey. We are here to journey alongside your child in pursuit of their own academic goals.

We believe that it will take about 3 months to see improvements in your child, based on the assessment given by your child’s homeschool report card. However, how much a child improves is measured on an individual basis. This may be dependent on the frequency of classes, the initial learning level of your child, the challenge of the material, and the amount of time your child puts into the learning process.

We believe that any improvement is significant improvement. We provide your child with an individualized learning plan to address the areas your child may need to work on. We assign workbooks and homework material to continue the learning process at home. In addition to subject-specific tutoring, our tutors can work with your child to improve study skills such as memorization, exam preparation, organizational strategies, note taking, and much more!

Yes! Our commitment is to provide a fun, engaging, and safe environment for students to learn. The best way to learn is to enjoy the process. Our educational consultants provide smooth and open communication between students, parents, tutors, and homeschool teachers. We believe in the student-centered approach. Our qualified tutors also carry this philosophy and come to class prepared to focus, engage, and interact with their students.

The 100% improvement guarantee on your child’s homeschool report cards is also a big reason why children enjoy learning at Inspiration. Students see their progress and are motivated to continue learning and succeeding. Improvements make the learning experience even more rewarding!

We believe that practice makes perfect and therefore it is important to continue the learning process at home. We believe in assigning quality and purposeful homework after each class based on the content learned. We also provide specialized workbooks where the tutors can assign specific pages for homework.

Yes! We have many students from IB, AP, gifted, and enrich programs. We recognize that some students may not require tutoring to improve upon any specific subject. However, we do believe that tutoring at Inspiration will provide many additional benefits and opportunities. We offer a Learning Ahead program, where your child learns next-grade material. This helps your child stay on top of their classes, as well as gain confidence and motivation, knowing that they are well prepared to take on future grades and classes.

We can also enroll and prepare your child in entering subject specific contests and challenges (including math, science, writing). This is a great way to challenge your child with their studies, as well as have them participate in a really fun event.

At Inspiration, we believe that parents serve a key role in their child’s academic success. Therefore, we make sure parents are very much involved in the program at Inspiration. When parents come in for the child’s initial assessment, we ask them to bring their child’s most recent school report card. Here, we discuss and get a sense of the academic expectations that the parents have for their child.

Each child is paired with a full-time educational consultant who is in consistent communication with the child’s parent. In addition, daily and monthly progress reports of the child’s classes are given to the parent. We also relay concerns and information that the child may have shared with their tutor or educational consultant but are too shy to tell their parents themselves. When parents are aware of this, they are better able to communicate effectively with their child. We want to make sure parents are well informed of the progress of their child and are able to communicate their concerns and expectations.

We provide tutoring classes for any age or grade level. With our subject tutoring programs, our students are from SK- Grade 12. However, because we are an “all in one” education center, our services extend to university students and even adults requiring specific learning tutoring. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We offer tutoring classes for a variety of subjects, such as English, math, French, computers, and science (SK- Grade 12). We also offer tutoring classes for more unique subjects such as coding, debates, and accounting. We also providing tutoring for specialized tests and examinations.

Furthermore, as an “all in one” education center we offer Individual consulting (plan steps required to obtain particular academic goals, advise about potential future vocations and extra curricular activities), High School accredited courses, and university preparation guidance (education path planning). This is additional to our regular tutoring classes.

Yes! With Inspiration Online Learning School, students can work with tutors face-to-face, via screen-sharing technology programs. Students will be able to receive feedback and ask questions in real-time. With this program, we provide your child with the tools to make virtual learning successful and engaging (digital whiteboard for brainstorming, notes section for recording important points, and chat tool. It is a safe way for your child to learn from the comforts of their own home. We provide a private and secure link to the class meetings via screen-sharing technology programs.

The safety of your child is a primary concern of ours. At our many centre locations, there are centre consultants always present. With our Inspiration Online Learning School, we provide a private and secure link to the class meetings via-screen sharing technology programs.

The West meets East tutoring methodology is a unique approach to tutoring. At Inspiration, we understand that there is no single way to learning. Therefore, our approach is a combination of western (i.e. developing skills and critical thinking) and eastern (i.e. cognitive application, through homework and tests) approaches that enable us to strengthen and enhance the individual learning styles of the student. Our tutors are well-equipped to tutor your child in reflection and critical thinking, as well as engage in practical memorization and other cognitive application means. With most subjects, students are assigned with a workbook – practice makes perfect! This is the secret as to why Inspiration students receive 100% improvement rates.

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