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University Admission Fraud, and What to do about it!

As we all know, the elite university admission process is brutal. Parents get their kids ready in preschool, signing them up for language, STEM and other classes. The benefits are outstanding, allowing their children to develop their skills and gain access to the best social networks that our society has to offer. 

What happens if the process is rigged?

Time and time again, we have heard reports of shady agents manipulating the process. In exchange for large sums of money, families are provided with fake transcripts, athletic achievements and even their own non for profit. Using those fabricated credentials, the agent uses insider connections to garner placement on the shortlist, resulting in a letter of admission.

Is it fair?

Some might say that we are in a capitalist society where things are available to the highest bidder. However, higher education is not a commodity (like a luxury car) and has devastating consequences for everyone involved. 

1 – Deserving students are denied a seat because someone took it by cheating.
2 – The deceptive student (whether they know it or not) is not prepared for university life, setting them up for failure.
3 – The university will produce less research and become less competitive in the process.
4 – Society will lose out on the achievements of the highest performers and this might mean less patents, discoveries and other breakthroughs.

In order to secure your children’s future, it will take a lot of hard work and determination. It is a concerted effort between the student, parents and teacher. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. In order to compete with others, one needs to work harder and harness their personal strengths and rely on dedicated professionals in order to guide the path forward.

The Path Forward

In order to build up your child’s chances, you need to think about what the schools are looking for. Elite institutions have many more applicants than they can accommodate, raising the bar beyond being able to succeed in their programs. Starting with academics, one should concentrate on the foundational subjects, like English, Math, Science and technology. Of course, a second language is very helpful, whether it be French in Canada or Spanish in the United States. For Canadian applicants, it is essential to have a cursory understanding of French in order to graduate from high school. Taken further, this can open doors to both admissions opportunities and career opportunities down the way.

The Portfolio

A portfolio is a virtual representation of a candidate’s achievements, both in and out of school. Starting with a resume of sorts, it can include trophies, awards, experiences and even clippings from the media. The goal is to not only show why the applicant is outstanding in their own right but also a valuable (and contributing) member of society. Rather than faking achievement, which can be easily fact-checked using the internet, our guidance counsellors can help your family choose the best areas that will contribute to the likelihood and successful admission. This could mean a social justice project, perhaps something that is both enjoyable and niche, or advocacy for groups that are underrepresented. 

While the metrics may have changed, by emphasising the entire student over just grades, it is important to build up their personal abilities and leverage them in the correct environments. Here at Inspiration Learning Center, we have been guiding students for over 21 years, with many of our alumni attending elite schools in Canada, the United States and around the world. As they say, Rome was not built in a day and there are no shortcuts to success. However, without proper guidance, the effort will be wasted and everyone will be disappointed. 

We are offering a complimentary meeting, giving parents the information that they need to make informed decisions about their children’s academic and professional future. We are direct and clear, leaving no room for doubt. We are excited about getting to know your family and putting you on the roadmap to your academic dreams. 

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