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Toronto Writing Summer Camp

Summer is almost here and families are setting up their plans. Maybe you are going on vacation, exposing your kids to adventure and curiosity. Perhaps you have to work and need somewhere for your children to spend their time. Fun is always a priority but it would be great to enrich them in some way, giving them an advantage in terms of their grades, self esteem and writing ability. Here at Inspiration Learning Center, we are once again offering our summer writing camp, where we take students around the Toronto area, visiting places as diverse as the Zoo, museums and cultural events. We have different weeks offered, each jam packed with great things to do and the chance to develop critical thinking and communication skills.

How To Craft Writing Skills

Many students suffer with what to write about, leaving the mechanics aside. Sometimes they have guidelines to follow but they can be vague and the teachers can offer insufficient support. The best approach is to start by fueling personal interest, by getting them to interact with the real world. This can be driven by open ended questions, forcing them to relate the material to what they are observing, and coming to their own conclusions. Once they have the questions properly answered, they can begin to fill in the outline, which consists of topic statements, a thesis, hook, transitions and evidence. In other words, it is a comprehensive system that is inspired by our East Meets West teaching methodology, which has seen our alumni reaching the highest echelons of academic and professional success.

What Is It Like?

Once a student is enrolled, they are given the dates and times (of where to attend), in addition to what is needed and expected. Meeting at a convenient location, we meet as a group and go over what the day is going to look like. Each student is handed out their assignment, in addition to scrap writing paper to jot down notes. It is very helpful to come prepared, with some students opting to bring their own writing utensils and a hard-covered notebook. As we transition from place to place, our teachers will ask the group pointed questions, about what they see and what they can understand from the material being presented. This is a great time to ask questions, for both personal interest and for the purpose of completing the assignment. After exploring, we take periodic breaks (for drinks, snacks and washroom usage) in addition to filling in the outline. While it is essential to write down key points throughout the day, it is the student’s responsibility to bring the complete assignment to the next outing, which will be both graded and presented in front of the group. This builds self confidence as well, while not being overly intimidating. This is due to the friendships that develop and the trust that manifests.

How To Sign Up

The summer camp runs on specific weeks, taking place during the months of July and August. Please reach out to our Markham HQ, or one of our 13 campuses in our Inspiration system. Our camps attract students from all locations and it is a great time to meet new friends and hang out with current ones. It is appropriate for all ages, with a strong teacher-student ratio. The administrator will give information about fees, permission forms and other logistics. If you have questions, or want to be a parent volunteer, we would love to discuss these details with you. Make sure that you either send a packed lunch or money to buy something at the destination. We are excited to explore the city and help your children develop critical thinking, writing and positive social skills.

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