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English Tutoring Programs:

At Inspiration, we take great pride in delivering a tailored and sophisticated educational experience through our unique “west meets east” tutoring methodology, designed to elevate English language skills. Our team is composed of highly qualified tutors, each specializing in distinct facets of English education to address a diverse range of learning needs.

Whether your objective is to refine writing fluency, delve into English literature, master grammar, excel in essay writing, enhance ESL proficiency, or prepare for standardized tests, our dedicated tutors are unwaveringly committed to ensuring the success of your child’s academic journey.

Our student community mirrors the diversity inherent in our curriculum. From native speakers honing their writing skills to IB students in search of additional writing support, newcomers navigating daily life challenges, and individuals in Canada for less than 7 years refining vocabulary and grammar—we cater to a broad spectrum of learning purposes.

To guarantee the fulfillment of each student’s unique expectations, we have meticulously curated a diverse curriculum. Our team includes special tutors with distinctive teaching styles and varied approaches, providing an individually tailored and highly effective learning experience for every student.

Upon registration in our English program, we initiate the process by conducting a thorough review of background information and analyzing the most recent two report cards. Following this, an initial assessment is scheduled to pinpoint the student’s strengths and areas for improvement. Post-assessment, we recommend specific workbooks to facilitate the learning plan and carefully match the student with a suitable personality tutor. After enrollment, our tutors provide a detailed, summarized report every 1.5 months, outlining the completed work and detailing the next steps. Parents are encouraged to ask any questions they may have, fostering open communication.

Furthermore, each student is assigned a dedicated full-time educational consultant responsible for managing feedback and scheduling. Additionally, our tutors can establish contact with students’ teachers upon parental request, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the entirety of the student’s educational journey.

Andy Y. Grade 7

Inspiration Learning Center“I am currently a Grade 7 student at St. Andrew’s College. I have been attending Inspiration Learning Center for 3 years now and although I am taking English and French, my tutor often helps me with other subjects as well. I got into St. Andrew’s College because of Inspiration Learning Center and their experienced tutors continue to help me maintain an overall average of 85%. I am on the honour roll at St. Andrew’s! To me, Inspiration Learning Center means success and I am confident that with their continued support, I will reach my goal of attending The University of Toronto in the future.”

Eric Z. Grade 12

Inspiration Learning Center“When I arrived in Canada, I attended summer school at Inspiration learning Center and they helped me get ready for my new high school. Even though I am attending public school now, I continue to attend Inspiration Learning Center to take some high school credit courses. I enjoy coming here six times a week because my teachers give me some writing ideas, help me with my homework, and teach me how to revise and edit my work. My English and Math marks have improved a lot because of Inspiration Learning Center.”

William W. Grade 11

Inspiration Learning Center“Inspiration Learning Center is a good place where students can express themselves by studying together. The students here feel more like they are at home than at a tutor. I have been coming here for 2 to 3 years now to study English and French. With the help of my tutors, my understanding, speaking, and writing have all improved through my learning. I feel like Inspiration Learning Center means friends, family, and gives me guidance. I am looking forward to another year of summer school here!”

Our English tutoring programs include the following benefits:
  • The Inspiration English program is individualized for each student. We use standardized Canadian assessments plus the student’s most recent report card to determine the student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. Our English program is matched to your local curriculum, ensuring these areas coincide with the areas on the student’s report cards and in their classrooms: Reading, Writing (grammar included), Oral and Media. Our standardized Test preparation includes the SSAT, SAT, AP, IB.
  • We determine if the student requires learning in all 4 English sections (Reading, Writing, Oral, and Media) or a focus on strengthening the one or two areas of weakness.
  • Our English tutoring staff includes qualified teachers that specialize in the area of English.
  • Each student is given the option to attend either 1-1 or small group (4:1 student-to-teacher ratio) sessions.
  • Each student is assigned a full-time educational consultant. He or she will work with the parents and tutor to monitor the progress of the student. At request, Inspiration will work with your child’s classroom teacher to communicate about specific needs that the child may have in both school and tutoring setting.
  • With our Inspiration English program, each student gets an assigned workbook, in addition to printed teaching materials.
  • Have an English essay due unexpectedly soon? Inspiration can accommodate additional sessions for English homework tutoring.
  • In addition to subject-specific tutoring, our tutors can work with your child to improve study skills such as memorization, exam preparation, organizational strategies, note taking, and much more!

At Inspiration, we offer an individual approach and use “west meets east” tutoring methodology to teach English . Our English tutoring team of highly qualified tutors who specialize in helping your child with writing fluency, English literature, grammar, essay writing, ESL, and standardized test preparation.

Inspiration Stories
Inspiration Stories

✔️ Joe Z – After only 18 months in Canada, scored an 8 on IELTS, accepted to University of Waterloo co-op program with scholarship. Alumni of our English, Physics, and Math programs.

✔️Amy W – Significant increase from a 78% to 96% in English, recent immigration background.

✔️ Suzy C – Increased from 62% to 84% in English over a semester.

✔️ Doris S, alumni of our French, Math, and English courses. Accepted into the IB program.

✔️ James P. – In Grade 10 English, he made significant progress, improving his grade from a 75% in Grade 9 to 90%.

✔️ Bonnie Z. – Grade 10 English and Math tutoring, English improved from 70% to 90% and Math maintained at high 90s.

✔️ Danille L. – She achieved 90s for Grade 12 English, Chemistry, and Biology, and excelled in Math with a score of 95%.

✔️ Ivan C.Grade 2, advanced in Math and English.

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