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This Week’s Book Recommendation!

Age Group: Grade 1

Geronimo Stilton: The Pearl Heist

In this book, we follow Geronimo Stilton’s journey to solve the mystery about the stolen pearl. This is an amazing book for kids who are around 6-8 years old and is full of adventures and mysteries. This book is super unique and I think that your child will love it!

How to help your child pick a book!

  1. Pick a book with a theme that you know for sure your child will enjoy!

When kids read books, they have to get into them in order to finish. This requires them to actually enjoy the themes and genre in that book. For example, a boy enjoys reading about dinosaurs but his mom picks a book about skating for him. He obviously won’t be as interested in this book as a book about dinosaurs. What you can do though, is help your kids branch out into different topics

  1. Let your child read through the first few pages of a book!

Sometimes, kids make decisions too quickly. They will likely refuse to read a book because they are unfamiliar with it. Just make them read through the first few pages and maybe their opinion will change. There is a chance that they will actually really enjoy that type of book and this helps them branch out to different types of books.

  1. Give them books that are at their level!

When reading, children need to understand the book to be able to understand it. If you give them a book meant for 7th graders when they are only in the 1st grade, they will not be able to understand the book. Try to find books that are appropriate for their age and books that have vocabulary that your child will be able to understand.

  1. Try to pick books similar to books they like!

Most children have books that they really enjoyed reading. You should monitor their favourite books and try to search for books that have the same theme or genre. People in general tend to like things that they are familiar with. Try to interact with your child and pay attention to what they are reading.

  1. Choose books that will be exciting for your kid!

Children tend to have shorter attention spans and so you have to pick a book that will catch their interests. Try looking for a book that will make them want to read that book. Also, try to find a book with an interesting main character as well as an engaging plot.

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