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This Week’s Book Recommendation!

Age Group: Grade 2

Flat Stanley On Ice!

This book follows the adventures of Stanley, a boy who was flattened by a billboard while he was lying in his bed. In this story, Stanley and his brother Arthur are ready to go on an ice skating trip on the frozen lake. As Arthur is sliding around, Stanley whos him who’s boss! Stanley is actually an amazing skater! But something horrible happens. The ice begins to crack! Will the frozen lake disappear?

How to reduce your child’s screen time!

Children nowadays all play video games with their friends and whatnot and parents start to panic. In truth, video games aren’t all bad. There are many pros and cons when it comes to video games and their effect on kids. They can bring fun and joy to your kids but they can also be addicting. I am going to tell you how to reduce your child’s screen time but still let them have fun!

  1. Try to approach them nicely!

When you go up to your kid and start screaming in their face, it won’t lead to anything good. You should try to approach them with kindness and make them feel good. Try to tell them to kindly stop playing and that they can play later. This way, it will seem like you are trying to help them.

  1. Find them some activities to do!

A huge reason children love to play video games is because they don’t have anything to do.  They often end up relying on video games as a source of fun. Video games are a hobby as well and you shouldn’t get angry with your child. Maybe sign them up for a sports program or maybe some tutoring. This way, your child will be busy doing other things and will not play video games as much.

  1. Set goals for your child!

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the one above this one. Try to get them to set goals for themselves when you sign them up for an activity. For example, you sign them up for tutoring. Tell them that they should aim for a university that they want to go for. This will give them motivation, allowing them to push through and work hard to achieve their goal.

  1. Interact with your child!

Not only do children play video games, but they also like to interact with people. This is why so many popular games right now are multiplayer. They just want to talk with people. If you want your kid to stop playing these games, try playing or talking with them more frequently. That way, they see you as a friend and will choose you over video games.

  1. Set a good example!

Every kid looks up to someone and that someone should be you. Stop using your devices as frequently and show them that you can stop screen

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