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Fun Ways to Keep Learning

I bet that you have been bored while trying to learn new things. I have as well and I have found out how to study while having fun. This helps you study effectively and efficiently while enjoying yourself. I personally have experienced extreme boredom while trying to learn and in this blog, I will provide ways to study and have fun.

  1. Study with others!

Studying by yourself might feel boring but doing things with friends will always be more fun! When doing things like working on math or anything like that, invite your friends over. This will motivate you to study harder and it also makes it more enjoyable. This will also help you study more efficiently since you can quiz your friends on things which are super helpful.

  1. Try learning things that you will enjoy!

When learning, you often will find it hard to focus and have fun learning something you don’t like. So, try to study things you enjoy. I personally enjoy math and writing. So, I write a lot and do math lessons and things like that. This way, I actually enjoy the things that I am learning and I have fun while becoming smarter.

  1. Do fun activities that can help you learn!

Oftentimes, people think of learning as sitting in a classroom and working your butt of. They think learning is doing tests and reading from textbooks and this is true, but learning comes in many different forms. An activity that I enjoy doing is reading. Reading many different types of books is fun for me and it helps me learn new words. It also helps me learn how to write in different styles. Another activity that is fun is doing puzzles and brain teasers. I really enjoy these activities and they are a great pastime!

  1. Do more hands-on learning!

Although learning with textbooks and worksheets is effective, it is not as fun as things like hands-on learning. Hands-on learning helps keep you focused and it helps you learn in a more engaging way. Instead of reading out of a textbook, or listening to lectures, you can engage with a fun activity and learn that way.

  1. Take small breaks in between!

Although this tip seems irrelevant, it’s actually super important. Studying and doing fun activities seems to be way more important than things like taking breaks but, this is not true. Studying for hours at a time will take a toll on everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are. I guarantee taking a small brain break in between learning will help you be in a better mood.

  1. Try to use more technology!

Who doesn’t like learning on technology? If you enjoy technology, then I encourage you to start using technology a lot more frequently because it can be very enjoyable! I personally enjoy using technology a lot more than busting out the old and dusty science textbook.

  1. Set goals!

In life, setting goals is one of the most important factors in becoming motivated. Whether it’s small things like being able to hit a 3-pointer in basketball, or big things like getting a scholarship from a certain university, goals help you become better. Not only will this motivate you, but it will make you enjoy everything that you will do to achieve your goal. Everything you do will have a purpose and it gives you something to spend your time on.


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