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This Week’s Book Recommendation!

Age Group: Grade 3

Charlotte’s Web

In this classic story, it follows the adventures of Wilbur, a pig who was adopted by Fern. Wilbur grows up and Fern decides to sell him to her uncle, who wants to slaughter the pig for food. Charlotte, who is a nice and caring spider, vows to save Wilbur’s life. Will she succeed in doing so?

How to get your child ready for going back to school!

  1. Prepare them for the COVID-19 procedures!

In school, as a result of COVID, there will be a lot more safety precautions. Your child will have to wear masks, sanitize frequently, and social distance themselves from other kids. Try to do these things at home and so you can prepare your kids for these changes at school.

  1. Try giving them a bit of practice before school!

During the summer, students don’t use their brain as much which results in them forgetting a lot of the things they learned in the year before. A good way to help ease them into the daily work that they must do in school is giving them some academic work before school starts. It doesn’t have to be much, but try to give them maybe a few worksheets throughout the day.

  1. Go shopping for the necessary supplies!

Whenever school is about to start, take your child to the mall or a store to get some supplies. This way, you can make sure your child has the tools that they need to succeed in the classroom. Another perk of going shopping for school supplies before school is that there are often many sales. This can help you save money, while also providing supplies to your child.

  1. Create a list of goals for the school year!

The best way to achieve something is by setting goals. Get your child to set a few goals that they want to achieve by the end of the year. Without goals, your child will go to school with no true motive. School will seem meaningless to them so in order to help your child succeed in school, make them set goals.

  1. Read through what you did last year!

A good way to review is to just read through some of your child’s notes with them from last year. You don’t have to read every note but reading some to keep the knowledge fresh in your brain is a good idea. Children often struggle to retain information but if you review the things your learn, you will definitely be able to remember.

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