The Inspiration Assessment Process

The Inspiration Assessment Process

You might have heard us advertise our complimentary assessment, which puts your student through a battery of tests which determine their level, skills, weaknesses, and unique student profile. Done in about an hour or so, it gives parents the skills they need to make important choices that will guide their progress. In this post, we are going to explore the process, why it is done, how the results are used and how it fits in without a comprehensive education support system.

Why Would Parents Need It?

Schools do not grade students on objective markers, whether the curriculum is cohesive or not. Every school has their own values and the right to determine how to give marks and how they interpret quality and so forth. This means that the same student can get radically different marks depending on who their teacher is and which school they are attending. For public schools, teachers are reluctant to criticise performance as it can cause animosity between the faculty and the parents. This means they may inflate the grades to avoid tension or assign a lower grade, without giving solid reasons why. They might allude to it in the comments, which can be difficult to deconstruct.

Furthermore, not every student is the same and are each “snowflakes” in that there are no two identity learning profiles. That means that it is important to know what the challenges are, in order to remediate the issues. As well, some students are gifted, and this may be difficult to identify in larger school environments. Taken in consideration with report cards and work samples, our educators are able to figure out where your child is situated, making a detailed roadmap to success. For some students with learning barriers, such as ADHD or autism, our staff can figure out how to adapt the material to better suit their needs, providing not only academic support but guidance on how to navigate their mainstream education.

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How Does It Work?

First, we look at the report cards, to see how your child is currently performing. Then we issued a battery of tests, from language to STEM and everything in between. No sweat, it takes less than an hour. Once the results are in, we look for deficiencies in production and areas where they excel. We determine how the performance correlates to grade attainment, in addition to other students at that grade level. If they are ESL, or grew up with multiple languages, there might be a knowledge gap that needs to be filled. The process is quick and stress-free, with teachers offering a kind and compassionate approach.

How Can It Help with Academic Planning?

Many parents dream of their children attending the best universities, whether the Ivy League in the States or U of T or McGill in Canada. As we all know, the admission process is very competitive and causes much anxiety in everyone involved. We have been doing this for over 20 years, helping families realise their academic dreams. We believe that parents should have all of the information at their disposal, given the resources to make sound choices. If a student has certain strengths, like robotics or French, it is best to explore these values and build a solid foundation for their professional life. If they are performing inadequately in key areas, it may cause greater issues down the road. Regardless of what your family dreams for your children, medical school, or industry, we have the skills and experts needed to make those dreams materials.


We are proud to offer complimentary assessments to everyone in the community, without any commitment or conditions. Feel free to give us a call ( 905-415-8257 )-or email-and we can invite you to either our Markham HQ or one of the 13 learning centers located across the country.

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