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Have your kids ever brought up a potential career in law, perhaps serving as a lawyer or a judge? It is a fantastic career, full of opportunity, growth and solid path to income. Due to the benefits, the barriers to entry are fairly high and that is where our network comes in. From expert tutoring to accredited high school credit courses, we are able to turn dreams into a reality. In this post we will explore what a lawyer does, how you become one and what to expect along the way.

What is a lawyer?

A lawyer is someone who is trained to represent clients, both in and out of the courtroom. You may recognize them from their fancy outfits, which are rooted in British Common Law. However, they are only worn during active court sessions, while they wear conventional attire otherwise. If someone has an issue with the law, whether it be criminal, civil or other, they may opt for representation. Not all causes require a lawyer, like in the example of Small Claims. In this situation, the parties can represent themselves or hire a paralegal, something with less training but also a more limited scope.


Sometimes the work is done entirely outside of the courtroom, as in causes of contract development, negotiation or developing internal protocols. Some work for themselves, as a sole proprietor while others work as inhouse counsel. This means that they are paid a set wage and are focused only on their company’s legal affairs. Each format is dependent on unique considerations, trying to balance the interests of both the client and the lawyer. While working for someone else is less risky, setting up “your own shop” can be more lucrative over time. With that being said, working for a large firm can help develop personal contacts which may be tapped into, provided that confidentially and other barriers are not breached.

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How Do You Become a Lawyer?

The journey starts way before they apply to law school. In high school, one needs to perform well, achieving as close to 100 as possible. This is due to the competitive nature of the program, even at the undergraduate level. Once in a solid bachelors program, hopefully with a strong analytical and critical think component, they are to write the LSAT. It is a multiple choice exam which tests on mental aptitude (and skills) that will be beneficial in law school. Combined with strong grades and personal experience, the candidate is to apply to law school. Remember, not all are equal with the best schools having the highest standards. The two degree options are the LLB and the JD, which are equal, at least in Canada. Furthermore, one needs to write the exam for the jurisdiction of intended practice. Once the degree is complete, they are to do an internship called articling prior to writing the bar. Once the bar is sat for, and passed, he or she is eligible to practise law in the province of interest.

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