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Take Advantage Of The BBC Website Resources If You Want To Improve Your English

The internet is perhaps one of the greatest treasures you have at your fingertips these days and you shouldn’t miss out the opportunity to use it in order to broaden your knowledge and skills. Whether you are an English tutor looking for comprehensive English learning resources to guide your students in learning English or you are an eager student looking to master the English language, then don’t hesitate to visit the BBC website. Here you can find a lot of interesting tools which will improve your English language standards through various learning resources:

Learning English Homepage

This is an adjacent web page of the BBC website and it offers you a plethora of interesting English learning resources. For example, you can learn the “Today’s phrase” such as “What’s up?” or something similar and find out how you can use it correctly in a context. Also, you can improve your English by listening to short articles and providing the right answer afterwards. This web page is suitable especially for those who recently started to learn English. The beauty of this web page is that you will not feel overwhelmed with information as every text, article or lessons is simple and you can learn in just a couple of minutes!

GCSE Bitesize

Another interesting web page you can discover on the BBC website is GCSE Bitesize. This is a very comprehensive guide to learning English and it is perfect for both beginner and advanced English students. Here you get the chance to improve your writing skills, listen and understand texts, how to pronounce certain words, how to read correctly a text or a paragraph and how to improve your English overall. Browsing this web page for several minutes a day will be enough to catch up a few words and becoming a better English speaker, so take advantage of it! Additionally, the resources you will find here are exactly what you need if you are studying for your GCSE.


This web page is simply called “Learning” and it too can be very resourceful for you if you are thinking of improving your English skills. Here you can learn a couple of interesting grammar lessons, try new games and quizzes which will make you learn English in a fun and entertaining manner, learn more about adverbs, nouns and so on. Basically, you will never feel bored if you check this web page every day as there are lots of new and attractive articles and lessons to read and learn from. Finally, this webpage also allows you to search from a plethora of books which can improve your English skills and which treat a large variety of subjects. You can even share these books online with your friends too.

The bottom line is that with the BBC website learning resources, it will be easy for you to practise and perfect your English. In order to get the best results, just be patient and practise every day and in no time you will make huge progress. Getting an English tutor to give you one-on-one guidance would also be a good idea if you want specialized attention!

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