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5 Fantastic Reasons Why Your Kids Should Read More

If your children are more interested in their iPad or Facebook games than a real book, you may want to read this article. Because it is becoming more obvious that children who read less, tend to score lower in school. Okay, it isn’t easy convincing a 6 year old that learning to read properly is way more fun than playing Candy Crush Saga, but it is definitely worth the effort. For those of you who feel that books simply are for learning, well that is just not true. You can get so much entertainment form a well written work of fiction and it will do wonders for both your vocabulary and imagination. This article will underline some of the most important reasons why you should encourage your kids to read a little more.

Information Access

By reading more books, we open up our minds to more information gathering, and this will arm your children for the world ahead. It is a simple fact that the more information you can gather, the smarter you will end up being. And by learning to learn, the school work that follows will come as no real problem. Reading will teach your children how to learn independently and this will be a huge help back in the classroom and in their future careers. Just see how quickly your child starts to pick up new titbits of information after allowing them to read some well written books, you will be amazed.

Organisational Skills

Did you know that the reason for children’s’ books to have so many illustrations is because their brains haven’t yet been shown how to create mental images? And after a few years of connecting the picture with the description, they no longer require the image to help them figure this out. The more that your child reads, the better they will become at organising information and building up images of how the characters and story will actually be perceived. This knowledge will spill over into the world outside of books and your children will be learning everything at a faster rate, all thanks to reading.

Get Smart

Every time that your children read another page, their brain is being pushed into working things out. This type of mental exercise can only be beneficial for their brains and they start to become more intelligent as a result. As well as learning new words and grammar, they will start to retain the facts and descriptive phrases that the books contain. By focussing on the book for an extended period of time, your children’s brains will be able to concentrate on their schoolwork and studying issues far easier.

Keeping Busy

If you can trust your child to keep reading for an hour or more, you can be happy in the knowledge that they are both safe and inside a learning zone. If they have issues with reading at a young age why not look into arranging an english tutor markham based service sooner rather than later?

Ready to Read?

We’ve given more than enough reasons to encourage your little darlings to pick up a book, now the rest is up to you!

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