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Tutoring In the Age of Social Distancing

The traditional formal consists of placing one or more students together with a tutor in an informal setting. Informal, when contrasted with the formal homeroom environment. Without fear or intimidation students can learn more from this format than the alternative.

Many students rely on tutoring services, for a large variety of students. Some students fall behind and lose confidence in themselves. To make it worst, many are scared to ask for help, especially if they are seen as less intelligent than their peers.

Tutoring is also used at the other end of the spectrum, among the gifted high achievers. For them, normal classes are boring and ineffectual, causing them to lose interest in learning in general. Elite tutoring allows them to develop their own core-self, or the values that define who they are. Working closely with a mentor, gifted students can dive deeper into advanced material, without worrying that the rest of the class cannot keep up.

Tutoring is a global multibillion dollar industry, and for good reason. Education is the ticket to success around the world, with a perpetual decificiet of seats in prestigious schools. With so many students applying, the competition is high. The only answer is to work harder than the rest, using every tool at your disposable.

The pandemic rocked our world, reshaping how we interacted with each other, both socially and commercially. While online education had already been established prior to the pandemic, it forced innovation especially in technology.

Inspiration tutors use digital platforms to interact both with the material and with students. It can be shared, edited, annotated, enhanced, and engaged. Students can write over the material, illustrating problem areas and completing complex problems for themselves. Furthermore, Inspiration has a vast resource of digital aids to enhance the learning experience through creativity. We know that we must keep the student interested for them to contribute.

Once an Inspiration consultant develops an academic profile of the student, the lessons are organized into engaging themes, appropriate for their age and development. They are culturally relevant, connecting the learned material to the events happening around them.

Our educational philosophy is a hybrid of the Western and Eastern approaches. The Western method emphasises creativity while the Eastern prepares for testing mastery. When used together, they provide passage into prestigious universities while teaching the content for success.

In summary, online learning has become the standard for many schools including (but not limited to) Mcgill, Harvard, Yale and the University of Toronto. While we are proud to offer many on-site tutoring opportunities, the more advanced the material, the greater the chance the expert will not be located in the student’s geographic vicinity. For example, there are fewer chemical engineering tutors (for 4th year university chemistry) than kindergarten English.

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