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How to stay smart in the summer!

  1. Take summer classes!

To continue learning during the summer, you should definitely take classes. You don’t have to take many but you should take at least a few over the course of the summer. This is so you don’t forget the things you have previously learnt and so that your brain will be prepared for the year ahead in school. If you take classes, you will be ahead of the game and you can even start learning ahead.

  1. Read lots of books!

Instead of spending countless hours playing video games or watching television, you could be reading books. Read as many different types of books you can get your hands on. This can not only expand your vocabulary, but it can provide you joy as well.

  1. Join clubs!

You can make many friends if you join clubs and you can learn many things. You could join a book club and this can help you connect to the literature that you read. You must remember that learning isn’t always about the stuff you learn in school. Learning about a new type of book is learning too. Making new friends or learning a new sport is just like learning about fractions in school.

  1. Try doing things like puzzles or brain teasers!

This may seem silly, but doing puzzles and brain teasers are actually scientifically proven to improve your intelligence. They are an amazing way to keep your brain active during the summer break. Who doesn’t want to have fun AND improve their intelligence?

  1. Do lots of exercise!

Exercise is proven to make you smarter! It makes you active and not only helps you get into shape, but also helps you work your brain. It can motivate you and just put u in a better mood overall

  1. Try tutoring!

An excellent way to put your learning to the test is to teach others. This can help you remember what you have learned in the test and have a memorable experience helping others. You might even be able to make some money while you’re at it. Tutoring is a great way to keep your brain active.

  1. Seek knowledge!

The best learners are people who are motivated to learn. They always are striving for more knowledge. In the summer, you should definitely have fun but try to learn things while you’re at it. Strive for knowledge and ask questions. This is how you learn things and although it might seem boring to keep learning in the summer, it will help you in the long run.

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