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Gain A Stronger Grip On The English Language By Improving Your Vocabulary!

It may not be that obvious, but the more books you read, the more you will improve in your English skills – expanding areas which involve grammar and vocabulary in particular. Through various surveys and research, we found out that constant reading also improves on other areas such as your writing and listening skills. In short, all of the above benefits are vital for you to be able to converse and understand the English language well.

Whether you are young or old, it’s never too late to want to improve or pick up the English language as formal learning matter. One of the easiest and most effective ways of learning is to read, only then you can expand your capacity and take in new words for this particular language. It’s always good to sign up for a class or so, as there will be someone to guide you through and share with you new ideas pertaining to English and literature. Hence, below are two of the common components that you can use in your learning curve of greater vocabulary.

Reading relentlessly

If you can’t decide what book to start with, just select one that’s the closest to you; start simple of course, trying hard to comprehend a difficult will affect your morale in the long run. Try to read books that are both old and new, as older books may be missing words that are commonly used presently and vice versa; with this cross reference, you’ll be able to patch up ‘missing’ areas of your vocabulary more effectively. Improved vocabulary means improved writing techniques, and schools, exams, or tests for the English language do encourage creative writing which in turn can garner a higher grade or score. One can also find their own ‘voice’ from reading other authors’ work.

If you chance upon books that are either fiction or non-fiction, you should not blindly read it till the end. But instead, you should take your time to absorb all the words, the writing style and any feel that you can acquire from the book, and finally compare the different works of different authors. By being able to spot their own unique set of commonly used words, it means that you get more exposure to a higher level of vocabulary skills; they are authors with successful published works, so learning from them is a good way.

Test your knowledge with workbooks

Well, after much reading, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Don’t worry, vocabulary workbooks are fun and informative, they are unlike any other conventional test paper. They can contain word games, fill-in-the-blanks and even crossword puzzles to test their familiarity with various words and spellings in a much more entertaining way. Students learning the English language are highly encouraged to make good use of them to learn to pronounce better, learn more about synonyms, antonyms, and their respective definitions. It is known that each student varies in their learning ability to memorize new words, and workbooks manage to help them revise better when they are out of a classroom setting.

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  1. nimabi says:

    Thank you very much for sharing, I learned a lot from your article. Very cool. Thanks. nimabi

    1. Inspiration Learning Center says:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad you found the article helpful. If you have any more topics you’d like to see covered, let me know!

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