Private Tutoring

The Inspiration Learning Center team encourages our services because of the many benefits of private tutoring. 👨‍🏫 There is a personalized approach and pace with skilled tutors that assess each child’s learning needs and set the pace necessary to achieve the desired results. 📈 There are also fewer distractions that are present in a classroom with many students. 🏫 Inspiration’s one-on-one approach also helps students become more confident, resulting in better school performance. 👩🏼‍🎓 One of the main reasons why families choose our private tutoring programs are for better future opportunities for their children. Since colleges and universities take grades into account, better performance at school can open doors to better colleges and careers. 🏥Additionally, since a tutor creates private tutoring sessions specific to each student’s needs, they can incorporate topics and material that is related to the syllabus material. 📄 In this way, they can increase children’s interest in the subject and show ways of applying their knowledge in real life.📚

Franchise Recruitment Summit

If you are interested in learning more about franchise sales following all the pandemic closures, join Joel Friedman and others in the Franchise Recruitment Summit this Wednesday October 14 at 12:30pm. 📈 🏪 You will learn about the strategies and get advice on franchise development and sales for today and the future. 📊 🏬 Click this link to register for the special event.

New Windsor Center

We are glad to announce that Inspiration Learning Center has a new location under construction in Windsor. This location will be opening in the near future. We would like to welcome Shandy Ng to the Inspiration team! The address of the new center is 3850 Dougall Ave. Unit 180A. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this location you can contact Shandy at 647-286- 1160 or

‘Ask the Expert’ webinar

If you want to learn about franchising and about the Inspiration Learning Center team, please watch this ‘Ask the Expert’ webinar video where Joel Friedman sits down with the Canadian Franchise Association panel. The theme being discussed is “The Road to Discovery Starts Now: Customer Retention & Franchisee Recruitment during COVID-19”.