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Why Learning One on One Works

In our current educational system, students can get lost in a sea of larger class sizes. Due to the fact that teachers have so many students in one room to focus on, some can get left behind feeling like they are not truly benefiting from the lesson. Because of this, many students have chosen to register for tutoring classes to fully take advantage of their learning experience.

Allow your child to take control of their academic journey and reach their highest potential. They deserve personalisation and attention in a one-on-one setting. Never considered this as an option? Keep reading to discover the top three benefits of personalisation!

  1. Tailored Lessons

One-on-one tutoring classes are beneficial for your child’s progress, as all lessons are tailored to their abilities. Teachers can modify lessons according to their needs in more ways than one!

By having one student, educators can adjust the lesson plan to their student’s particular learning style. For example, if the child learns best visually, the teacher can use this knowledge to communicate the objectives of the lessons with more videos and diagrams.

Students can also set the pace in one-on-one classrooms. Both the pupil and teacher can take their time to reach their set learning objectives in a way that is most comfortable for the student. Instead of having to abide by a formal school timetable, learners will feel less pressure and will be more relaxed.

2. Undivided Attention

Young learners will also gain the teacher’s full attention in a personalized session. With no other students to focus on, your child can truly benefit from every lesson rather than fall behind at school.

In some school settings, classroom management can be a real issue. As teachers try to teach the lesson, valuable time can be lost to quiet the class or discipline a student. Because of this, many students are not able to optimize their learning and get the extra help they need. In a one-on-one setting, this obstacle disappears and students are able to catch up on things they may not have understood in class. The student can ask as many questions as they want and will never leave the classroom feeling like their needs are not being met.

Teachers can also give the student feedback at every step of their learning journey. In traditional classrooms, students don’t always know what they need to work on and how they can improve. With a private tutor, your child will receive daily comments and suggestions of ways to advance. In such a setting, students will have the all the tools necessary to succeed.

3. Safer Environment

Only in a safe and stimulating environment, can students thrive and evolve. One-on-one classes create that sense of comfort for students to improve their level of confidence and reach their highest potential.

Most students are afraid to raise their hands in class or voice their opinions, for fear of judgement from their peers. These fears melt away in a private setting, building the students’ self esteem. In such positive spaces, students will be less afraid to make mistakes and more willing to speak their mind. Soon, you’ll start to notice their personalities flourish as their confidence grows more and more.  

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Inspiration Learning Center is a tutoring center which can offer your child all the benefits of one-on-one learning. Our facility provides a warm and stimulating environment for students to thrive and excel on their academic journey. A variety of different classes are taught by teachers who are highly qualified and skilled in their areas of expertise. Whatever your academic needs may be, we can be sure to satisfy them!

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