Why Is Summer School So Vital (In Your Child’s Education Plan)?

Some parents think that summer school is simply remedial in nature, providing “extra” time for students who fail to achieve (sufficiently) within the prescribed perimeters. While this is very much the case for many students, the summer break provides a unique opportunity to “skip ahead”. For students interested in attending elite universities, summer can provide a wealth of enrichment opportunities, from debate classes to math competitions and beyond.


With an increasingly competitive landscape, students are advised to leverage their skills and interests, seeking forums to craft their language skills and stand out. With a stellar-record of elite university admissions offers, Inspiration Learning Center is there to serve as the bridge between “potential and realization”.

Math – Does your child dream of winning a competition? Offered by many prestigious universities, these contests allow students to “fast track” their careers and merit scholarships (and other awards). While the benefits are clear, the competition is stiff and the standard is high. Matched with one of our experts, your child will receive the highest level of coaching, developing both their cognitive faculties but also their public speaking skills.

English – Is your child from an immigrant background? If so, they lack the requisite background knowledge to understand “everything”, not just the material at face value. This deficiency can spill over to academics, especially if the material references key cultural events that the student is not familiar with. Our students become stellar writers, able to articulate their feelings. Digging deep into the text, your student will develop their critical thinking faculties, deciphering information and making sound judgements.

French – Does your child show an interest in French? Are you enjoying French Immersion, perhaps thinking about an extended stay in Quebec? As one of Canada’s official languages, French offers a large host of advantages, especially as one approaches fluency. French speakers are given priority for all government jobs, with some mandating fluency for consideration. Learning from French experts, your child will develop their speaking skills, ensuring that native speakers understand with ease.

Credit course – Did your child do poorly in a high school credit course, perhaps even failing? Is your child looking to apply to a specialised program, one in which a “certain grade” is needed for admission? Is your son or daughter a star athlete, unable to attend traditional classes? Inspiration Learning Center is proud to offer Ontario-Ministry approved credits, earned independently (applied to the home school ) or completed (entirely) with us. It is the same “Ontario Secondary School Diploma” that you would earn at any other accredited school. While some situations are stressful, we are here to help your family every step of the way!

Public Speaking / Debate? Does your child enjoy speaking out loud, having their opinions heard by many other people? Do they struggle with self confidence, getting anxiety when performing? Are you worried that your child is not making friends, not socialising adequately (or in a healthy manner)? Inspiration Learning Center is proud to offer debate courses and contests, giving children a chance to develop communication skills in the process. While some students are more open than others, the only solution is practice. However, we realise that this can be daunting for many students, especially in a traditional setting (classrooms with 30+ students). To ease students into the activity, we start with a limited number of audience members while progressively increasing that figure.

Your child is highly unique and with their own individualized learning profile. Together with a team of education experts, we can help craft a perfect summer plan, one that is both productive and fun!

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