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Other than getting a “clean bill of health” no other document can bring on positive emotions quite like a perfect report card. While an ambitious goal for many, it provides a gateway to a bright future, opening doors that were previously sealed shut. This is not to say that grades are the only metric that matters, with western universities interested in visual portfolios, community service and extracurricular enrichment. As important as these criteria are, they are an afterthought after the grade performance.

Report Card and Progress Report

Not all grades are permanent, with an intermediate grade being assigned halfway through the course. This provides feedback and direction, giving the student an idea of how they are performing, relative to expectations. If the student has handed everything in successfully, they can continue their momentum and prepare adequately for the final projects and exams. On the other hand, if the grade is below expectation, the teacher will provide objective feedback, giving a pathway to a strong finish. 

report card, ossd, transcript

What Do you Do If You Have A Bad Report Card?

This is an excellent wakeup call, forcing the student to confront their situation. In our highly credentialed economy, grades are the difference between being accepted in a top tier school and a community college. Grades can be considered like currency, opening opportunities like scholarships, admissions and job placements. This (in itself) can serve as a motivator, causing the student to prioritise studying over videogames and other leisure activities. It is not enough that the student has a personal revelation, causing them to become focused and driven. This motivation needs to be paired with a strong support system, whether it be tutors, language classes or competitions. 

What Is Considered A Good Report Card?

While some colleges will accept students with average grades, elite programs are competitive and for good reason. As with anything in economics, the price is determined by the supply and demand. With Canadian education being among the best in the world, high school students have to compete with peers both domestically and international. Taking this into perspective, prospective university students should look to secure at least an 85% in all of their classes, with a higher expectation for courses within the subject of interest. In other words, engineering students should look to get over 90% in math in addition to contests, awards and other considerations. Since career opportunities are tied to the applicant’s university, a “good report card” is one that facilitates entrance to the University of Toronto, McGill, Harvard and other elite schools. 

report card, ossd, transcript

Report Card Comments

While admissions are not too interested in comments, they provide an excellent role in helping guide the student. For example, some students perform well on assignments but loose participation marks due to being quiet in class or skipping altogether. Alternatively, some students may perform well on written projects but have the same spelling mistakes, causing them to be discounted points on every assignment. The comments let the student (and his or her family) know exactly where they stand, laying out their options for either “finishing strong” or taking the course again. While no one wants to be held back a grade, it is better than risking out on quality opportunities. While some parents seek to remedy problems with apps-like Duolingo-this is insufficient in developing academic English skills. 

OSSD Transcripts

When a student graduates from secondary school in Ontario, they are issued both their formal diplomas as well as an official transcript. These are sent directly to the school of interest, provided that the post secondary institution is located either in the province or in Canada. If you are looking to apply elsewhere, it is advantageous to get a personal copy in addition to requesting that the documents get sent directly to the school of interest. The transcript will be given in both official languages, with the information organised clearly and methodically. While some “repeated” courses are still listed on the transcript, it is the highest grade that is calculated and applied. 

Increase Your Grades

Every student wants a perfect report card but many lack the skills (and guidance) needed to be successful. The first step is to get an accurate assessment of the student’s performance, which may be inconsistent with the grades given. This may be due to outside consideration, issues that may (or may not) be discussed in the comments section. In order to set (and realise) academic priorities, it is best for the student (and their family) to meet with an education consultant, someone who can oversee the tutoring, enrichment, and progress. 

Inspiration Learning Centre has been serving families for over 20 years, providing an expert network of educators, tutors, and other related professionals. Accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, students can take the same high school courses here that they would take at any other school, public, private or independent. Students find it easier to study in smaller groups, having all of their questions answered quickly (without having to compete with other students for the teacher’s attention). While some students elect to take just a course or two, others take their entire course load at one of our many campuses around the country. Rather than “walking blindly in the dark” our team will guide you every step of the way, from K12 straight through to university and belong. 


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