Inspiration’s Elite Harvard and MIT Mentorship Program

Inspiration’s Elite Harvard and MIT Mentorship Program

If you were to ask any given family, they not only know about Harvard and MIT but dream of their children attending there. This is due to the benefits that are bestowed to both students and alumni. With such an incredible set of opportunities, the barriers to admission are warranted and inspire people to start planning from the jump, some as early as 4 years old. While it usually consists of language and STEM tutoring at this stage, for high school students, the “finishing touches” include elite mentorship arrangements, led by university students and managed by the Inspiration team.

While it is easy to get generalised information about the admission process, much of it is elusive and kept secret due to the nature of the competition. When working with a current student (or alumni), your child will understand what is expected, what profiles are given priority and which areas are overlooked. As such, your child will be able to focus their efforts correctly, allowing their talents to be both communicated and understood. For example, did you know that successful applicants have their own unique social justice interests, using their spare time to advocate for things that matter to them? While this area is not quantitative in nature-like report card grades-it demonstrates a commitment to the community and the ability to integrate successfully into a body politic. Universities are not all about feeding the capitalist system but also value human rights, a factor that is often overlooked by applicants who are looking at “only the numbers”.

Elite Harvard and MIT Mentorship Program

What courses should your child take? What is the value of foreign language mastery and which languages are valued more than others? What is the interview process like? How do you prepare for the written and (sometimes) oral sessions? What are some “deal breakers” for applicants and how do you avoid them? What is the value of sports and is there a difference between team and individual projects? What personalities are prized and how do you demonstrate a positive influence on society?

These are just some of the questions that are addressed in mentoring, in addition to overseeing the entire education process, way before applying is ever discussed in their respective homerooms. With so many options, many families are prone to making mistakes, unwillingly compromising the success of their child. As qualified in the previous sentence, they are not on purpose but the result of a deficiency in knowledge and listening to advice that is not based on real world experience. Our staff (and partners) are experts at what they do and have collective decades of tangible accomplishment. If not for our track record, we would not be in the position where we are, with a loyal following and recognition from all levels of government and private industry. Parents know that we have the skills needed to mitigate issues, whether it be improving GPA, generating volunteer and work experience, and choosing the steps needed to bring dreams to fruition.

Where there is a will there’s a way, even if the path to success is not always clear. Our role is providing clarity and guidance, allowing students to overcome their barriers, maximise their potential and build a better world for their families, communities and future generations. We are excited about serving your family, as we have for thousands that have come through our doors. We invite you to take part in a complimentary presentation or assessment, each which  would provide illumination and understanding, two elements necessary in competing at the highest academic levels. As with always, Inspiration is in your corner every step of the way!

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