How is a Learning Center Different (Compared to a Traditional School)?


How is a Learning Center Different (Compared to a Traditional School)?


Have you ever noticed how big class sizes have gotten?

Classrooms are expanding beyond control, making it difficult for students to get help and participate. While some students do muster-up the courage to raise their hand, many others sit silent while they fall deeper into confusion and despair. 

This is no way to inspire the next generation, especially with the additional considerations that they have dealt with, primarily the Covid-19 lockdowns. Since “falling behind” is one of the primary reasons for student depression (and anxiety), we know that the only remedy is to catch up and excel.

Beside our physical format, there are many key differences between us and traditional schools. While some students prefer learning entirely through our Inspiration Private School, many benefit from the enriched support found in smaller-class settings. 

Here are seven reasons that make us stand out. 

  1. A learning center is open late into the evening, allowing students to take courses around their family schedule. In other words, there is no reason to miss out!
  2. Classes are small, ensuring that every student has maximum access to teachers and academic support. 
  3. While offering the equivalent high school credits (and diploma), students are able to upgrade their mark on their schedule. Furthermore, students are afforded individualised attention that exactly conforms to the learning profile of the student. When matched with expert teachers, students are able to score high and gain acceptance at prestigious universities around the world.
  4. Located in suburban communities across the country, classes are convenient, local, and highly effective.
  5. For students with barriers, learning centers are designed to be aesthetically calming and non-judgemental. Instead of calling teachers by their last name–as in traditional classrooms–students call everyone by their first name. This creates an atmosphere of familiarity, fostering a family-like environment. 
  6. While traditional schools have a specific mandate, our learning centers go “the extra mile” and ensure that every issue is addressed. From mental health to newcomer issues to French studies, nothing is off limits! In other words, we are the primary contact point for parental concerns, big and small. 
  7. Instead of expecting conformity, we foster creativity within the confines of the Ministry Cirricumular. In other words, our students have a better understanding of the material than their peers, allowing them to leverage their knowledge for future success. 


We know that you take your child’s education seriously, seeking to give them the life that you could only dream of! Our name is more than just a slogan, instead epitomising our central mission. Our goal is to inspire every student to become their best, giving them the tools and resources to reach their potential. We have done this for over twenty years and are proud of our alumni around the world.

If you are curious about our philosophy, please come in and ask for a free tour!

We will be happy to get to know you and your family, seeking how we can work together to make your dreams come true!

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