High School Credit Courses

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High School Credit Courses

Many students worry about specific subjects, especially as they get closer to graduation day. This is even more the case for “critical courses” in English, Math, and Science (for those pursuing a career in stem). In other words, one course-mark can be the difference between paying full-tuition and getting a scholarship of some form. Furthermore, it can “make or break” the university application, especially when at the more prestigious programs.

Should One Course Matter?

Every course matters but there are many ways to get there, even if you (or your child) received a poor grade already. Let’s say that you bombed a course in grades 9 or 10–and redo the course and receive a higher mark–only the highest mark will be listed on your transcript. However, if the course is beyond grade 11, all course attempts will be listed on the transcript, with the highest session being awarded the appropriate credit. This means that you will be judged on the highest mark.

How Does It Work?

Inspiration Learning Center and Private School are authorised by the provincial Ministry of Education to offer high school credits and full high school diplomas. That means that you can complete one course, several, or your entire secondary school at Inspiration! This is great for students who do better with small class sizes, needing specialised help unavailable elsewhere. Credits earned with us are equal to the credits earned at any other school in the province, whether it be public, private, or alternative. Our graduates have been accepted to many Canadian (and international) universities in addition to the Ivy Leagues! 

Students Get Higher Grades

Many students are embarrassed to ask questions, feeling that their peers (and teachers) would view them as less capable. With smaller class sizes (including 1-on-1)-and expert teachers–every detail is mastered before progressing. That way, all of the gaps are filled in and subsequent materials are easy to understand. While most schools only give students one chance, we work with every student in developing their assignments, guiding them every step of the way. This does not mean that we do that work for them, since this would lead to problems (and potential university failure). Instead we break down every test and assignment, putting students through a battery of tests which simulated “the real thing”. 

Student Athletes?

Many students are involved in competitive sports, like hockey, Wushu, or basketball. This means a lot of time on the road, far away from the homeroom. Our students are able to stay ahead of the curve, filling in their time slots with either online credit classes or an in-person alternative. This puts students in the “driver’s seat” where they can decide when they graduate. We know that life is hectic for these students and we do not want them to lose confidence by having their grades compromised. 

Failed A Class?

The good news is that if you fail a class, and subsequently pass it, only the highest mark will be considered for post-secondary admission. It is important to look at the report in detail, discussing your performance with your teacher. That way you can focus on the areas that you struggled in. This might be content review, assignment help, or assistance in exam preparation. This format ensures that nothing is skipped over and left up to chance. If you have the determination to succeed, Inspiration Learning Center has the resources needed to support you from every angle. 

What If We Are Always On The Road?

Some families move quite often, making it difficult to get settled in before having to move again. This can put a strain on the children, causing their grades to fall. Instead of extending the date of graduation, qualified students can take credit courses online, ensuring that they have access wherever they are at the time. This allows students to develop stronger bonds with the teachers, since they can continue their studies regardless of physical location. While all of our courses are taught using the provincial curriculum the delivery is customised to the student’s specific learning profile, ensuring the maximum amount of teacher-student interaction and academic support?

Are You Ready?

If you are looking to raise your high school mark, please drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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