Math Program
Math is used in many areas of life and has many applications. A strong math foundation will benefit every student no matter what his or her goals are, and will give your child the confidence to pursue whatever he or she dreams of.

​At Inspiration Learning Center, our math classes are individually-tailored to suit your child’s unique needs, which we determine through an assessment done when your child is enrolled. ​Our tutors use a systematic and logical approach to teach math using lectures, discussions, games, activities, and technology in a way that makes sense to your child.

Learning math has never been so fun and easy!

In the primary grades (JK to Grade 5), math learning focuses on:

  • Number sense and numeration skills
  • Computation and problem solving using whole numbers and rational numbers
  • Patterning
  • Time, money, measurement, probability
  • Recognizing and identifying shapes
  • Problem solving, simple applications of math concepts in real-world situations (eg. money)

In the junior grades (Grades 6-8), math learning focuses on:

  • Mastering rational numbers (fractions, decimals, percents)​, balancing equations
  • Patterning, pre-algebra, basic algebra
  • Applying logical thinking, problem solving
  • Real-world applications of math concepts
  • Using the correct mathematical formulas and understanding the rules/framework behind the formulas

In high school (grades 9-12), math learning focuses on:

  • Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, data management and probability
  • Graphing, using scientific calculators and other math tools/technologies
  • Analytical and synthetic problem solving, complex real-world applications of math concepts
  • Using analysis, logical thinking and combining the correct mathematical formulas in multi-step problems​
  • Communicating math ideas and concepts using the correct vocabulary

Waterloo Math Competition learning focuses on:

  • Reviewing questions and solving each answer to obtain the correct solution from the following past contests:
    • Gauss (Gr. 7 & 8)
    • Pascal/Fryer (Gr. 9)
    • Cayley/Galois (Gr. 10)
    • Fermat/Hypatia (Gr. 11)
    • Euclid (Gr. 12)
    • Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests
    • Canadian Team Mathematics Contest

Our math classes located throughout the GTA are sure to help your child. Contact us to find out more.