Specialized Subject Tutoring
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We offer customized tutoring programs for students from kindergarten to post secondary education.
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Specialized School Subject Tutoring Program (in subjects such as Computer, Accounting, Social Studies etc.)
Sometimes a student wants help in subjects that may be unique to the school or institution they attend. Inspiration is here to help!
Our Specialized School Subjects tutoring programs include the following benefits:
  • At Inspiration, we offer 1-to-1 tutoring for specialized subjects.
  • We have a team of tutors that are specialized in wide variety of subjects.
  • In the Specialized School Subject Tutoring program, we match the student’s classroom material and work to ensure that what we tutor falls in line with the student’s curriculum.
  • In addition to subject-specific tutoring, our tutors can work with your child to improve study skills such as memorization, exam preparation, organizational strategies, note taking, and much more!
Art Portfolio Preparation Tutoring Programs
Are you an aspiring artist looking to build your portfolio for college or university? At Inspiration, we have the Art Portfolio Preparation Tutoring Program that can help you build a portfolio that will be sure to impress any admissions committee you present to. Art Portfolio Preparation Tutoring Program is only offered as a 1-1 tutoring program.
With the program, our specialized art tutors help:
  • In expressing current ideas, and areas of interests
  • Organization of work displayed
  • Showcase your technical ability and creativity
  • Enhance artistic development
  • Explore potential colleges and universities and their admission expectations
Inspiration’s Multistep Approach:
  • Step 1: Our art tutors assesses students’ current artwork and diagnose current level
  • Step 2: We explore all the colleges and universities the student wants to apply to and draft a strategy plan
  • Step 3: Tutor and student begin the plan to start the journey, producing 100% guaranteed results.
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Why families choose Inspiration Learning Center?

West Meets East Tutoring

The combination of western (i.e. developing skills and critical thinking) and eastern (i.e. cognitive application) approaches enable us to strengthen and enhance the individual learning styles of the student.

Individualized Learning Plan

We foster a student-centered environment and develop a customized plan that is structured to address the unique academic knowledge, skills, and developmental needs of the student.

Qualified Tutors

Inspiration tutors are certified and trained in many particular subjects. This means that your child is matched with a tutor who is specialized in the specific area your child needs assistance with.

Tutoring kindergarten to post-secondary
Whether you’re looking to catch-up, keep up, or get ahead in schoolwork, Inspiration offers tutoring and homework help in a variety of subjects:
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Advanced Functions
  • French
  • Reading
  • Chemistry
  • Calculus
  • English
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Literacy Test Prep
  • EQAO Prep
  • SSAT / SAT Prep
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About Inspiration Learning Center
First founded in Toronto in 2003, Inspiration Learning Center has since expanded to 15 learning centers across the GTA. With the 3 newest centres in Burlington, Mississauga and Windsor.
Our learning centers offer professional tutoring services from highly skilled and dedicated teachers who have many years of experience in their fields. We believe that every student can achieve their full academic potential and develop a love of learning when presented with the proper educational and emotional support. This dedication to the development of young minds is what we constantly strive to promote and is practiced through our engagement with student-centered teaching methods.
The Inspiration Approach
Our learning centers offer professional tutoring services from highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers. We believe that every student can achieve their full potential and develop a love for learning with proper educational and emotional support. We are dedicated to the development of young minds using student-centered teaching methods.

Free Assessment

Your child’s journey at Inspiration starts with a free assessment where both Inspiration education consultant and student are able to determine current academic skills and areas that may need strengthening, based on the assessment and analysis of the child’s most recent report card.


Individualized Learning Plan

Based on your child’s initial assessment and homeschool report card, we then develop an individualized learning plan. We match your child with an appropriate tutor and use the information from your child’s current assessment to plan the next steps in addressing these areas. Homework support and learning ahead interests are also incoporated into this plan.


Teaching Quality Control

The student’s learning is monitored consistently to guarantee the progress towards improvement and their academic goals. Tutors provide with a student learning progress report on a scheduled basis (daily and monthly) and adjust the initial learning plan if required. We can also communicate with the student’s homeschool teachers if needed.


Results That Matter

The homeschool’s report card is the key measurement to determine a student’s academic success. At Inspiration, we strive to ensure that your child sees improvements on both their marks and learning skills criteria on their report cards. Students are motivated to continue learning and working hard when they witness the improvements in their marks.