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While many things come with an instructional manual, parents (unfortunately) do not. With that being said, we have the option of learning from those who came before us, parents and teachers alike. We have been in the education sector for nearly 3 decades, helping students (and their families) reach their goals. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email. We wish you the very best on your academic journey!

When is Tutoring Needed?

Some children have a natural gift for learning, being able to exceed the expectations put for by the school and curriculum. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. Many students come from non-English speaking countries, where an unrelated language is spoken at home. That means that immigrant-students will lag behind their Anglophone peers who had a 4-5 year head start. Other students struggle in the STEM fields, needing someone to spell it out for them “step by step”. Others are interested in getting into an elite program, like IB French. Whenever there is a difference between reality and potential, tutoring is effective at bridging the gap. We have learned that most problems can be attributed to class format, not a student’s actual ability. In other words, the best approach is to connect the student with an expert in their field, someone who is both compassionate and patient. 

Why is Tutoring Important?

If students are confused about a topic, later learning will become increasingly difficult. This may cause them to lag behind, getting apathetic about the process altogether. We know that a student’s mental health is tied to their grades, since they feel confident-or insecure-according to their level. The tutor shows them how to do the problem, guiding them patiently and with care. Since the sessions are private, there is no reason to feel embarrassed about asking a question. Furthermore, they develop a mentor-mentee relationship, with the mentor guiding the younger person on general life skills. The students can sense when someone really cares about them, recognizing that the “strictest” teachers are not necessarily mean, but just care the most. Tutors fill the gap left between home and school, providing firm guidance in a soft and compassionate way. By the time that they go to apply for a formal job, the employer will recognize their abilities by providing them future opportunities.

How does tutoring help students?

Homeroom teachers are overwhelmed with students, making it difficult to give individualized attention. A learning centre is completely different from a school, in that classes are either individual or in a small group format. This is the best environment for improving one’s marks, getting professional advice, or getting a high school credit towards graduation. It gives students the best shot at success, regardless of their background, ability, or personal insecurities. While some of our students do attend Ivy League universities, others have more modest goals and are satisfied with an A in their science lab. Tutoring opens doors that were previously shut, connecting young minds with the best experts around. Inspiration Learning Center is about diversity and integration, connecting the best of both the Eastern and Western teaching methodologies. 

Why Is Tutoring So Rewarding?

Tutors are more than just teachers, they are experts with real-world experience in their field. While some work full time for the school board, others are involved in business, technology, or media. For example, a newspaper writer may want to share their writing skills with others, finding that a tutoring position is right for them. It is rewarding on all levels, giving everyone involved a sense of humility and accomplishment. It is said that knowledge is not truly earned unless it is both mastered and shared and we are dead-set on spreading out love for literacy and education. 

Where Can I find Tutoring?

If you are located around the Greater Toronto Area, you can come to one of our many learning centers in the community. If you live far away–or cannot make in-person classes–then you get support online. The classes are held in bright yellow classrooms, inspiring optimism and hope. You will be welcomed in with a warm smile, being included in the Inspiration Learning Center family. 

We look forward to getting to know you and your family. 


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