Harvard and MIT students

Inspiration ELITE Mentoring Program!

Guided By The Best!

Our Mentors Have EARNED Acceptance Letters to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, and Cornell

Mentor Club

Our mentors have realized their dreams and they will help your child realize theirs.

Inspiration Learning Center will connect your child with either a current or prior Ivy League Student! They will work with your child to make the application process an ease!

The Mentor assigned with your child will work with you and your child discussing the application process, what the freshmen year entails, essay writing, volunteer work, good extra curriculars to have and SO MUCH MORE!

These Mentors have already achieved their dreams and have KEY insight into how its done and what works.

Working from experience, these mentors will guide students in learning:

  1. What the admission team is looking for (profile, portfolio etc).
  2. The practicalities of their chosen school.

  3. The steps needed, from elementary through to graduation.

  4. To develop a “leadership mindset”.

  5. Development of positive mental health, and relevant activities/behavior.

  6. Tips for success, both before and after the acceptance offer is issued.

  7. How to develop a life plan, giving meaning to all of their sacrifices and hard work.

  8. How to serve as a positive role model, guiding them towards success in every facet of life.

  9. College preparation – Test, application, essay and interview advice from mentors who recently succeeded in the same process.

  10. Academic guidance – Access practical help and resources to maximize your academic potential

  11. Extracurricular distinction  – Meet mentors who dominate their fields and learn their tips for success.

  12. Career Growth – Work with your mentor to identify and prepare for internships, research positions, and resume building opportunities.

University Application

Is The Process Intimidating?

With the Post-Secondary education industry becoming “globalized” it has become increasingly more competitive, requiring students have more than just “grades” to get into their dream school! More and More, it is coming down to the little things that will separate your child from getting into an Ivy League School and not.


This is why we created the “Elite Mentor” program. You now have the opportunity to talk with Ivy League Alumni from schools like “Harvard”, “M.I.T”, “Yale” and More! Learn what set them a part, the interview process they went through, when they submitted applications, and essay writing tips! And more importantly Learn how they accomplished their Dreams!

Unsure if you will pass the exam? Our mock tests are rigorous, ensuring that the student comes prepared.

  • What are the best tests to take?

  • Does ACT, SAT, AP, and IB matter?

  • What attributes did the committee seem most impressed with?

  • How to Study for Interviews.

  • What is my leading talent, that I should highlight to the admissions committee?

  • What is the best way to show my portfolio? Where should I upload it? Should I bring in a physical copy?

Inspiration “Elite” Application Bootcamp

Complete Your Entire University Application In One Week!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

  • Introductions

  • Picking the right schools

  • Making your college list

  • Practice activities

  • Wrap-up

  • Recap

  • The college essay (examples, what to expect)

  • Practice activities

  • Wrap-up

  • Recap

  • Additional supplements

  • Recommendation letters

  • Standardized test scores

  • Recap

  • College interviews

  • Wrap-up

  • Harvard Questions and Answers

  • Parent intros

  • Recap

  • Application review for parents

  • Parents’ Questions and Answers

  • Office hours

Elite Tutoring!

Higher Education is overflowing with attendees, making it harder and harder each year to get into that dream school!

We believe in your child and believe if your child receives the BEST, they can obtain the BEST!

This is why we choose to partner with HARVARD, MIT, Yale and many other Ivy League students for “online tutoring”. Why shouldn’t your child get the best?

Available Subjects Include (but are not limited to):

  • English

  • Math

  • Foreign languages

  • Science

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Computer Science

  • Coding

  • ACT

  • SAT

  • SSAT

  • IB

  • AP

  • Writing contest

  • Math contest

  • Public speaking

  • Debating

  • And More!