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Franchising Webinar

Joel will be hosting another weekly webinar this Wednesday at 11 am. πŸ’»πŸ—“

So Why Attend the Webinar:
-Why it will be important for tutoring companies to differentiate themselves to succeed
-How ILC differentiates itself:
-A unique combination of the best of Eastern
and Western teaching methods
-100% post-secondary acceptance rate
-4 pillars of income for franchisees: private
tutoring, high school credit courses, education
consulting and retail (workbooks)
-What the future of tutoring will look like and the rise of the 24/7 classroom
-How tutoring and educational consulting can help students compete for a limited number of prestigious post-secondary opportunities;
-The real investment families are making to help their children succeed in the new economy
-The benefits of a franchise model when it comes to tutoring and ROI

If you are interested in participating send Joel an email (inspirationfranchise@gmail.com) πŸ“²for a link to the webinar. πŸ¦