Our Company

A statement from one of our tutors, Seraiah Flores-Alcantara:

“At Inspiration, I have the privilege of journeying alongside many awesome young people as they develop their interests and love for learning. In-centre and online tutoring have their own advantages. When I tutor students in person, there is the benefit of face to face connection and ability to incorporate tangible learning. On the other hand, online tutoring is convenient and students appear comfortable learning within the familiarity of their homes.  Over the few years of tutoring, I have seen growth in my ability to share my knowledge effectively. At the same time, I have learned the importance of teaching with understanding and compassion. Despite moments of frustration in learning, it is rewarding to see how students still continue to wrestle with the content. These students not only achieve academic goals but they also develop necessary wisdoms of hard work and perseverance.”